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TNA Impact Spoilers: May 13th, 2010

Spoilers for next week’s Impact return to Thursdays below. Click the ‘Show’ link to read:

* JB backstage with the Beautiful People talking about Tara. Madison Rayne says Tara needs to get over it that she’s not the champ anymore and she is now. Velvet Sky says they’re going to stay champs after the PPV because she said so. Lacey interrupts because she really has to pee and runs off. Madison asks why she’s here and Velvet says it’s because she’s pretty, that’s why.

* Taylor Wilde vs. Tara. Taylor went for a springing splash off the second turnbuckle and Tara kicked her in the gut and got the pin. Afterward Tara beat Taylor with her knee brace. Sarita ran out for the save.

* Afterwards they showed footage of Chelsea in the back crying while a major scene was going down with security and officials trying to find out what’s going on. Desmond was trying to get some room for her as this was going on.

* Chelsea crying as police are coming to investigate.

* Christy Hemme in the back tries to get a word with Pat Kenney about a possible assailant. Kenney says he can’t believe what he heard and leaves.

* They go to the back and Christy Hemme says if the assailant is true it will be major news. Police aren’t allowing the name to be released.

* Backstage, Bischoff says Tara sure is going to wrestle again. Her attitude has been piss poor and what she did to Taylor was uncalled for. He tells her to get out to the ring right now.

* Sarita vs. Tara. Winner via knee brace shot to Sarita while the ref was blinded, Tara. Afterwards she attacked Sarita but the ref broke it up.(Source: Wrestling News World)

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