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Kong Comments on Working for WWE & Tara Rumours

Former TNA Knockouts Champion, Awesome Kong appeared on Monday Night Mayhem this week commenting further on her current plans and whether she is interested in working for WWE. On the subject she said:

As for myself, their product is a bit different, and I don’t fit the ‘diva model’ persay. I do believe that if I was there, I would back them a lot of money. They have some of the most creative minds in professional wrestling, and I believe if they choose to pick me up, that everyone would make money all around.

Meanwhile, commenting on recent rumours that Knockout, Tara has been ‘difficult’ backstage at TNA, she says:

When I worked with Tara, I found her to be very professional, and if she had a opinion that varied from someone else, I found her to voice that opinion in a professional manner. These reports that I’m hearing, they may be true, and I’ve heard things have changed since I left.

She also comments that she could see Tara, who will finish with TNA this month, returning to WWE in the near future. “I believe Tara would have a great chance of going back to the WWE. She started there, and I believe they would take her back,” she commented.

To listen to the full interview click here.

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