Monday, July 15, 2024

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TNA Knockout Playing The Race Card?

In case any of you guys missed Impact this week, The Kongtourage had a little backstage confrontation with Jim Cornette. During the exchange Sojourner Bolt made a comment that I’m sure raised a few eyebrows. Let’s go to the footage: Fast forward to 5:22


Kongtourage Backstage

I have to say, as a young man of color(half black and half puerto rican, in case you were wondering) I was kinda offended at this. The use of a racial epithet is unacceptable, regardless of how humorously it’s delivered. I don’t blame SoJo. She’s probably just saying what she’s been told to. Shame on TNA though. They’ve been pushing the race thing for weeks in regards to the Kongtourage(SoJo in particular), but this was the week they crossed the line(no pun intended). If you happened to see TNA Spin Cycle featuring SoJo, note how she keeps harping on about how she needs a strong, black man. It just comes off as kinda rascist or maybe it’s just me. 
Anyways, what do you guys think? Is TNA pushing the envelope too far? Am I just overreacting? Discuss!

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