Sunday, March 3, 2024

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MassaroMania? Let’s Hope Not…

Ashley Massaro

If you’re a fan of Ashley Massaro, you may have come across a blog of hers, which if is true to the way I interpreted it, could mean the return of ‘The Dirty Diva’. That was only my interpretation though, so I’ll let you decide for yourself.

WASSUPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!! Sp things have been awesome, making a few changes on the home front these days. Lex is doing great! So’s everything else, and….guess what. Happened to speak to Johnny Ace this week. Hmmmmm, let yall wonder about that one…hehe. So thanks fr all the support lately. I WILL be seeing you soon. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

So it appears that Ashley and Johnny Ace, also known as John Laurinaitis, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Talent Relations, are getting chummy. Is this the inevitable return of Ashley Massaro? Will we really being seeing her soon on TV? Should Ashley return? Sound off in the comments!

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