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TNA No Surrender Predictions: Brooke Tessmacher vs. Tara

Tonight at No Surrender, the “student” Brooke Tessmacher defends her Knockouts Title against her “teacher”, Tara. Who will come out on top? The Diva Dirt team weighs in…

Bobby: So last month when Tessmacher lost the title to Madison Rayne, I made a promise that I would never ever predict the champion to retain anymore in these topics. Even though I hope, pray, and think Brooke will retain tonight to prolong this TNT feud, I’m randomly going with Tara because TNA loves to be unpredictable.

Cryssi: Well seeing as how Brooke lost the title last month and regained it the next day, or something, I think she needs a decisive victory over Tara tonight. That doesn’t necessarily mean she will get it, but I do believe Brooke Tessmacher will win in some capacity tonight.

Erin: I think, more than anything, this match was made to give legitimacy and weight to Brooke’s title reign. She overcame the cheater Madison, but to become a more credible champion, she’s got to have a win based on pure talent, and a match with Tara provides that. There’s no side show to this match, just two former teammates giving it all they’ve got. That’s why I think Brooke Tessmacher will walk out tonight with her title reign intact. If she beats Tara, she strengthens her status as champion and, consequently, makes the title feel more important. For TNA that’s a mission accomplished.

Melanie: I’m excited for this match but felt it should have more storyline before it happened. That said, they still have time to turn this into a big storyline – perhaps Brooke wins here, thus triggering a Tara heel turn, attacking her post-match. I predict Brooke Tessmacher wins.

Who do you think will win? Tell us in the comments!

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