Monday, May 20, 2024

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TNA Reveals Full Phone Conversation Between Dixie Carter and AJ Styles

Almost a month after Impact Wrestling went off the air with Dixie Carter effing-and-blinding over a secret phone call between her and AJ Styles being played for the world to hear, TNA is now continuing the story via its website, revealing that Styles’ rival Christopher Daniels doctored the phone call played on the show to make it seem like Carter and Styles were having an affair.

The website has now also released the full, original phone conversation — and it turns out that AJ and Dixie were not re-enacting chapters from Fifty Shades of Grey together, rather they were simply talking about a surprise party for Dixie’s husband, Serg. (And we can all breathe a sigh of relief.)

Listen to the full conversation below:

Adding an extra wrinkle to things is the segment that closed last week’s Impact Wrestling in which an unidentified woman (who, bizarrely, is very keen on sharing intimate details of her life with the world) revealed that Styles and Carter had been helping her and were not having an affair. And so the saga continues…

Thoughts: This storyline is doing nothing for me, and frankly, the horrendous acting from the mystery woman last week sealed the deal. Perhaps TNA ought to leave the soap opera twists to Days of Our Lives.

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