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TNA Slammiversary 2009 Predictions


Tonight, TNA holds it’s annual anniversary pay per view, Slammiversary with the Knockouts Championship on the line when champion Angelina Love defends against the one and only Victoria. Plus Taylor Wilde and Daffney continue their feud in a mixed tag Monster’s Ball Match, Taylor teams with Abyss and Daffney teams with Raven.

Be sure to check out the pay per view from 8pm ET. We’ll be providing up to the minute coverage of the Knockouts matches on our Twitter page.

Before the PPV tonight, our writers wrote in their predictions for tonight’s event. I’d like to take this moment to introduce the newest member of the Diva Dirt team, Tiffany who I’m sure you’ll come to know in the near future as our resident TNA writer. Tiffany will be updating our TNA coverage with a weekly Impact column and monthly pay per view columns.

Knockouts Championship Match: Angelina Love (c) vs Victoria

Erin: I know in these circumstances, both TNA and the WWE have shown a tendency to throw the title on the hot newcomer in order to capitalize on the initial buzz of their arrival. However, I’m going to guess that TNA wants to delay the inevitable a bit (because you know Victoria is going to eventually win the title) and have Angelina win. That way, they can milk this feud for all it’s worth while giving rubs to all three girls in the Beautiful People, as well as Victoria. Madison Rayne can continue to grow into her role in TBP, being shoved into altercations with Victoria while the Vicious Vixen develops her TNA persona and gradually builds up to a more grandiose title win.

Melanie: Since joining TNA, Victoria has been on such a hot streak that logic almost dictates that Angelina must retain here just to off-set it. Usually it would make sense to do that but in this situation, with this particular person – I am actually going to go ahead and call a title switch tonight. By having her come in on such a high and then have her losing here, I think it’d be too much of a loss for her to recover from – unless they do some shady finish with someone costing her the title. I think giving her the win and the title puts her over as your new face of the Knockouts division which is the ultimate goal. I’m banking on Victoria here.

Steven: Last week, my bet would have been Victoria for champion. Her acquisition has brought alot of attention to the division in the last month or so. I could see TNA making her the new face of the Knockouts and rightfully so. However, the staredown between her and Awesome Kong has me thinking otherwise. I see Kong playing a part in Sunday’s match, possibly costing Victoria her shot and adding another layer to this feud. If Victoria manages to snag the belt, I see Kong making a post match run-in and taking out Victoria. Kong made it clear she wants the title on Impact! and I don’t see her having a problem going through Victoria to get it. Expect a 3-way at TNA’s next PPV. Another factor is the other members of The Beautiful People, who will undoubtedly run some sort of interference. In short, I would be shocked if Victoria came out of Slammiversary as Champ. She will definitely be champion sometime in the future, just not Sunday.

Tiffany: Victoria’s debut as TNA’s newest Knockout has been red hot. As of yet, matters seem to working in her favour in getting one over The Beautiful People. What better way to set up title win for Tara than to have Angelina & Co. at her disposal seemingly every week since her arrival? Yet, there is that wary feeling of déjà vu when it comes to TNA throwing us a curveball. We’ve seen this scenario once before, not too long ago in the build-up towards the match between Awesome Kong and Angelina Love at Sacrifice. Kong seemed to be getting the upperhand over Love in every conceivable way before suffering a losing effort toward the currently reigning Knockouts champ. Following the Knockout tag team match this past Thursday, we watched as Tara and Kong were allowed to show some assocation at the cost of the Beautiful People, hinting an impending alliance or rivarly between the two. Whatever the case may be, I think having Daffney take the brunt of Kong’s wrath while The Beautiful People scurried away virtually unscathed just may be a testament to the fact that a championship win may be in Tara’s future, just not at this immediate time. Kong has had Angelina’s number for quite some time without properly getting her revenge, leading me to anticipate a future triple-threat among Love, The Knockouts Champion, and her two oppositions. A title win over Angelina Love right now would just be too soon which is why I foresee the Knockouts Championship being retained at Slammiversary.

Monster’s Ball predictions after the cut:

Monster’s Ball Match: Abyss & Taylor Wilde vs Raven & Daffney

Erin: Taylor Wilde hasn’t seen much exposure since her initial title win and subsequent demotion, so I don’t really see the odd pairing of her and Abyss doing much against a team that obviously has more longevity and storyline potential – I’m talking about Raven and Daffney, of course. Those two will win the match and use that victory to forge a long-term partnership.

Melanie: Another Monster’s Ball match? Second pay per view in a row. Taylor won the first match but lost clean to Daffney a couple of weeks back. I don’t think this one will be so much about the Knockouts as it will be about Raven and Abyss. I expect Raven & Daffney to go over.

Steven: For some reason I don’t see the Knockouts playing much of a part in this match. Both Abyss and Raven have both participated in numerous Monster’s Ball matches, so think the focus will be on them for the most part. The Daffney/Taylor rivalry has been falling a bit flat for me, so I’m not really looking forward to seeing them in the ring again. I really think Taylor needs a complete overhaul, in regards to her image and personality. It seems like TNA is just sticking her in random feuds for the hell of it. She sticks out like a sore thumb in this match. If I had to pick a winner(which I do), I would bet on Raven and Daffney. TNA seems to be investing a lot of time into the Dr. Stevie faction. A win for Raven and Daffney would make their feud with Abyss and Taylor that much more intense.

Tiffany: A collective force to be reckoned with, I predict a win in favour of Team Daffney & Raven and anticipate some sort of interference to benefit that alliance. This diabolical team has seemingly gained the upperhand over Taylor Wilde, Abyss, and the resident sympathizer, Lauren, in past weeks. Though Daffney lost her match against Taylor Wilde and Awesome Kong last Impact, Raven’s win against Jethro Holliday still has them going in strong as he proves to be a great and very dangerous asset to their team.

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