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TNA Slammiversary Predictions: Mickie James vs Angelina Love

The Diva Dirt team weigh in on tonight’s Slammiversary pay per view match between Mickie James and Angelina Love.

April: This is a hard one for me. I’ve been watching this feud unfold, even in the short time because obviously, it’s my job. However, I still can’t decide who I think is going to walk away with the Knockouts Championship. I may just have to wing it and say that I’m going to go with Angelina Love as the winner. I would hate to think that Mickie would lose her title after such a short time, because I think she really earned it, but I can see Zombielina putting one over on her. She and Winter have been on a tear as of late and with the new developments, it seems like the monster and her mistress are even more hellbent on destruction. I am very curious to see how this match comes out and who the champion will be after it is over. Slammiversary is pretty much the biggest pay-per-view for Impact Wrestling so it is bound to be a damn good show.

Bobby: Even though I feel this match should have been Mickie against Winter, what can I do about it? I’ve found Mickie to be vastly more entertaining since her arrival in TNA, and I’ve enjoyed her programs with Tara and Madison Rayne, even though I felt the one with Rayne lasted far too long. Angelina is not my favorite Knockout to challenge for the title, but I’ve enjoyed her work lately against Miss Tessmacher, and more recently, Mickie and Tara, so this should be a pretty good match. I see the bout having a lot of interference from Winter, and Angelina coming close to winning multiple times. In the end however, Mickie James picks up the victory after shoving Angelina into Winter and hitting the DDT. I really hope this leads into a program between Mickie and Winter, but I’m just glad someone different is facing the Knockouts Champion this month.

Cryssi: I’m not even going to pretend to know what’s going on with these two because I don’t keep up. Last I heard, Angelina was some type of no-selling zombie and Mickie was Knockout Champion. I’m assuming that’s the still the case so I reckon we’ll have a match up full of shenanigans from the Angelina/Winter side and a Mickie victory at the end. So that said, Mickie James will prevail! Hardcore Country.

Erin: I feel like, somehow, this Angelina/Winter thing has to come to a head, if not in a way that destroys the hold Winter has over Angelina, then something that slightly changes the dynamic. I think if Mickie were to manage to fight off the two of them, it could accomplish that. Perhaps Winter gets a little too angry at Angelina’s loss, or the loss shakes something loose in Angelina’s psyche. The Angelina/Winter storyline has been going on for some time, and Mickie has had little to nothing to do with it, so I don’t see why this match would serve to do much other than strengthen Mickie’s reign as champ and shake up the stagnant storyline. Mickie James wins and retains her title.

Katelyn: As evidenced by the latest Impact Wrestling show, Mickie James’ second person, Tara, still has Madison Rayne to deal with, and with Winter being at Angelina’s side, my vote goes to Angelina Love picking up the victory. The storyline between Angelina and Winter has been going on since October and as of late, TNA seems like they are really pushing Angelina’s ‘zombie’ gimmick making her a stronger competitor. I predict that a victory over the champion and a title belt will only further along whatever Winter’s ‘master plan’ is.

Melanie: I’m not as excited for this match as I should be. Here’s Angelina Love, TNA’s golden girl versus the big star from WWE. In terms of merit, Angelina is the quintessential Knockouts Champion, having held the belt five times, and Mickie is a former five time WWE Women’s Champion. This match should be a big deal. Instead, it’s taken a back seat on the TV show, in my opinion, to ODB vs Velvet. Really, that match should be on this pay per view. I think it’s too soon for Mickie to drop the belt; she should have a nice long run. I would like to see Mickie vs Angelina/Winter continue, with more storyline development going into the next pay per view. I say Mickie James wins, perhaps due to a miscommunication between Angelina/Winter. Going into the next event, I would have Mickie try to get to the root of Winter’s manipulation of Angelina, which would lead to Winter trying to shut her up & mind her own business.

What are your predictions? Tell us in the comments!

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