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TNA Takes Another Shot at the Divas.. Through Taylor

I know we don’t post enough about the TNA Knockouts, so I thought I’d fill the gap and post about them. On the January 15th, 2009 edition of TNA iMPACT! Taylor Wilde took another shot at the divas, in a promo-segment. I know this is somewhat old news, but for those who didn’t see it, Taylor came out with Roxxi and announced that the Sarah Palin angle was set up to punk the Beautiful People. While she is talking to the Beautiful People she suddenly breaks character and compares them to the Divas, this just makes Taylor lose credibility, and makes her appear bitchy. It seems TNA cannot hesitate to bash the Divas, and will just throw it in any Knockout segment. To be a Knockout do you have to bash the Divas?

I honestly do not believe that Taylor would intentionally want to take a shot at the Divas. TNA really needs to stop disrespecting them, it just makes their division more and more overrated when they fail to deliver a match which is better quality than recent Divas matches and makes them more hypocritical. I think that both companies should respect each others divisions rather than bash them. TNA is getting a bad reputation. It’s time to stop.

You can watch the segment below:


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