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TNA Talent Speak Out On Scott D’Amore’s Exit

TNA talent is not happy with today’s news of the termination of Scott D’Amore. D’Amore was the promotions President and if it wasn’t for him, TNA would likely no longer exist. Talent was told today over a zoom call and let’s just say things are not starting off on a good foot.

A number of TNA talents were told that D’Amore “stepped down” which obviously wasn’t the case.

Per PWInsider

This didn’t sit well with some talents & as one wrestler said, “This wasn’t the way to start off” a relationship with the locker room, especially since so many had a connection with D’Amore & the vast majority liked him.

The meeting did not give talents a chance to ask any questions, which did not endear some talents to the changes. 

The beginning of the call, when talents were informed about Scott D’Amore’s departure before Anthem execs joined them, was very angry for some talents.

One story making the way around TNA talents is that Anthem wanted the TNA brand to be more in-line with the parent company going forward and that the brand had been too D’Amore-centric with Scott D’Amore as the face of the company. 

Jordynne Grace, Moose, Trinity (Naomi), KiLynn King, Tasha Steelz, Josh Alexander, Frankie Kazarian, and more have commented.

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