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TNA Time: iMPACT! Matches

I know, I know… we don’t post enough on the TNA Knockouts! Hopefully, that will change with our weekly “TNA Time” instead of reading you a bedtime story, I thought I’d share some hardcore women’s action instead. Good times! Last night on iMPACT!, former WWE developmental star Shantelle Taylor made her TNA debut, Taylor has just signed a plush deal to become a full-time TNA Knockout. It seems she will be going solely under the name “Taylor” as she wrestled last night against Awesome Kong in the $25,000 challenge:

There is a big push on the fact that Taylor really took Kong to a limit, however I don’t know about you, but I’m not sold by this angle. The way the Gail-Kong feud went, it took so much for Gail to defeat Kong and in the span of five minutes, this newbie is able to put a hurting on Kong? I haven’t really been into this storyline anyway, I think Kong as Champion should be defending her title against title contenders or just drop the belt. TNA is doing nothing to enhance the title.

Next up, Jacqueline finally got some spotlight and actual relevance in TNA this week. In what could possibly end up being her first relevant storyline since her feud with Sable in 1998, the Knockout faced off against Salinas in a pretty decent match:

Salinas doesn’t seem that experienced or confident in the ring, I think I prefer watching Michelle McCool and Layla in the ring, but Jacqueline really used her experience to drive the match and pulled off a competent match. I like that other Knockouts are getting some limelight! With the submission craze among the WWE Divas of late, it was interesting to see Jacqueline jump on board, her submission hold was pretty darn cool. I think it is definitely an asset to the arsenal of smaller statured wrestlers, perhaps Mickie could utilise it in future!

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