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TNA Xplosion Watch (July 2nd, 2010): Revenge of the Zombie Hot

Last week on Xplosion we saw Daffney take on Taylor Wilde. But before the match, a backstage segment showed us some surfacing tension between Sarita and Taylor. During the match, Sarita interfered, allowing Taylor to pick up the win. This week, it’s Daffney taking on Sarita as payback. Will Zombie Hot get her revenge?

We hear from both Sarita and Daffney on their upcoming match. Sarita claims that last week Taylor took out Daffney, so this week it’s her turn. Daffney (sporting a cute mini-veil with her tiny black top hat) says since Sarita interfered in her business last week, this week she IS Daffney’s business. And she’s feeling a little….crazy. Cue mad cackling. They really don’t give Daff enough promo time, I love it when she speaks. Anyways, we cut to the match.

Out first is Daffney sporting an all black ensemble. She’s looking as Zombie Hot as ever. We get a recap of last week’s events that led to this match. Next out is Sarita in a red and sky blue attire, with a design on the top that reminds me of either angel wings or Isis‘ wings. She’s looking pretty confident as she strolls to the ring. As the bell rings, the crowd starts loud chants for Daffney. (I like these people, they have good taste!)

The two lock up, both jockeying for position, until finally Daffney just shoves Sarita away. They re-group, circle one another and again tie up. This time, Sarita backs Daffney into a corner. She separates but charges at the Goth girl. Daff hops on the middle rope and as Sarita comes into the corner, flips over the brunette and gets Sarita in a roll up. It’s only good for two, however.

Sarita rushes at Daffney again but Daff manuvers her into a backslide pin. Only good for two again, but Sarita rolls them both over, their arms locked together, back to back. The two stand as one, then separate. Quick as a flash, Daffney NAILS Sarita with a loud chop to the chest! Ow! Sarita doesn’t react for a moment, but then retaliates with a chop of her own that sends Daffney backwards. Daff comes at the Dark Angel but she kneels down, grabbing Daffney’s legs and pulling them out from under her. Sarita flips over her, going for a jackknife pin but it’s only good for two.

Daffney pushes up off her back and turns Sarita over, going for perhaps a powerbomb. In a quick counter, Sari nails her with a back body drop. She pulls Daff up by her long black hair to a sitting position, then goes for a spin kick to the face. Our Screamer is too quick for her, dodging it, sending Sarita around in a circle. Daffney gets her in a roll up but only for a two count. Sarita kicks out with authority.

Daffney hits Sari with a hip toss and follows up with an armbar and wrenches away on it. TNA chooses this moment to take a commercial break. Brilliant! When we return, Sarita is back on her feet and nailing Daffney with forearms. Finally letting go of Sarita’s arm, she is whipped into the corner. We hear Jeremy telling us that during the break Daffney had dominated Sarita using that armbar. Sarita charges into the corner but Daff moves, nailing her with a solid spin kick to the mid-section. As the Dark Angel stumbles back, Daffney gets some momentum using the ropes to run at her but runs right into a beautiful drop kick. Both women are down for a moment but as soon as she’s up, Daffney gets another kick to the midsection. She goes to the ropes again, using the speed to go for a harder kick but Sarita dodges and trips Daff so that Zombie Hot lands hard on one of her knees. She cries out in pain, clutching her left knee.

Sarita smells blood in the water and targets the knee with a few well placed kicks. Daffney hobbles into a corner and Sarita takes a moment to preen for the crowd. She’s definitely oozing confidence! As Daffney tries to stand, Sarita grabs her left leg and gets a few kicks to the thigh. In the middle of the ring she gets Daff in what resembles a half figure-four, then winds up slamming Daffney’s leg down to the mat.

Getting Daff up by the hair, Sarita nails her with a hard chop, sending her back against the ropes. Kick to the midsection again, then a kick to Daff’s legs, sweeping them out from under her. Poor Daffney winds up on her back again at the edge of the ring, holding her left knee in pain. Sarita tries to get her up and whip her off the ropes, but Daff goes down unable to put weight on the knee. Changing her offense, Sarita goes for a proper figure four leglock but a kick to the booty sends her into the corner. Daffney somehow manages to get to a standing position and as Sarita stumbles back towards her, Sarita is met with a hard clothesline. The crowd’s chanting for Daffney again!

Any offense she was about to mount, however, is halted when Sarita sweeps her off her feet and nails another blow to her knee. Sarita’s going for another figure four attempt when out of nowhere, Daffney pulls her down into a small package. The ref counts three and it’s over! Zombie Hot has defeated the Dark Angel and the crowd loves it! We see Daffney laughing at Sarita – who is infuriated! The referee helps Daffney up and raises her hand but there’s no time to celebrate.

Sarita comes at Daffney from behind with a hard forarm, sending her to the mat. She follows up with fists to Daffney’s head, finally just slamming her head into the mat. Out comes Taylor Wilde who pulls Sarita off. We hear her scream at her tag team partner, “What are you thinking?!?” The two have a heated discussion…which is interrupted by Daffney herself! Zombie Hot takes both of them off their feet and nails both with fists to their backs, switching from one to the other. Sarita manages to pull Taylor out of the ring, grabs her hand and they head to the ramp, still fussing at each other. Daffney just snarls at them both while the crowd chants her name once again.

I’m loving this little three way feud. Although for those who don’t get Xplosion, it’s going to be confusing as to why Sarita and Taylor are imploding. I do wish they could make time for this storyline on Impact, but at least we can follow it on the internet. They need to make it a bit more clear as to why Sarita is turning on Taylor – a couple of losses doesn’t make sense. Then again, it’s TNA…

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