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TNA Xplosion Watch (November 24, 2010): When Former Partners Collide

On this week’s TNA Xplosion, we see another collision between former tag team partners Sarita and Taylor Wilde. The former has been on a winning streak as of late, can she continue it? Or will one half of the current tag team champions stop Sarita cold? Find out below…

First out is Sarita, in an orange, blue and black outfit. Looks good on her. Cocky as ever, she makes her way into the ring. Next out is Taylor Wilde and she’s ditched the skirt and skimpy bikini top in favor of more proper looking gear coloured blue and yellow. Nice!

Her tag title is wrapped securely around her waist, which pisses Sarita off. Upon entering the ring, Taylor rushes at Sarita but the latter wisely ducks out of the ring. After posing with her belt, Taylor backs up so Sarita can enter the ring. Bell rings and we’re off and running!

Musings: For Xplosion, I’m going to do something different. Instead of doing a full write up of the match with moves and what not, I’m skipping straight to my thoughts about it. This felt mainly like a match designed to put over Sarita even further, and since she has heat with Taylor, it made sense for it to happen against each other. JB said she was looking to put the other Knockouts on notice that she wanted in the title hunt. With her spate of victories as of late, she’s earned herself a shot at the gold. If you’ve seen Sarita’s work in SHIMMER, you know just how damn good she is, we’ve only gotten a hint of her skill in TNA.

The match itself was okay in spots, but it felt like it never got out of first gear so to speak. There were some rough moments where the action either stopped completely or slowed down. However, there were some great spots, it felt like a real rivalry between the two, and it served to get Sarita more heat. I see her as an inbetweener at the moment. She’s out for herself and doesn’t necessarily need backup. It seems they’re playing up that she’s tired of being in the background and with the addition of Mickie James, she’s going to muscle her way into title contention by one way or another. Having her go over one half of the tag team champions is a good way of showing she’s serious – even if she did cheat in the end.

Sarita, TNA Knockout Champion? Magic 8 Ball says, “Keep an eye out for this.”

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