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TNA’s Backward Logic Continues

It’s been a dark day for the TNA Knockouts, in addition to my earlier post about Sacrifice – we have read even more bad news regarding the women’s division. Remember a couple of weeks ago when Cheerleader Melissa and Daisy Haze, out of nowhere, had a match on iMPACT? Well if you thought that was leading to them being brought in full time, think again. Turns out TNA – namely asshat Jeff Jarrett (the same man who all but refused to job to Chyna all those years ago) – simply put the girls on the card for ratings. And it was ratings they delivered, the match drew a 1.10 rating, which outrated the main event featuring some of TNA’s key players!

According to reports, the show had a brief slot open and given the high ratings the Knockouts have been producing since last October, the call was made to put on another Knockout match. According to the report, TNA believes they could have put any two girls in the match, not necessarily these two talented ladies. Talk about a slap in the face. Yeah, I really doubt Christy Hemme could draw the same rating.

It’s ironic though, although Jarrett showed a complete disrespect for women in the industry all those years ago when he relinquished the Intercontinental Championship, he is now forced to rely on women’s wrestling to draw ratings for his company. What’s next? Is he gonna start an escort service using the Knockouts for more money when the shitty numbers come in for Clusterfuck… I mean, Sacrifice?

Daisy and Melissa delivered a very good match and I, for one, would love to see more of them but alas, they are stricken down by TNA head honchos, just like Awesome Kong, just like Roxxi Laveaux – can we call today “Black Monday” in relation to TNA?

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