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TNA’s Rhaka Khan Calls Cops on Kurt Angle

TNA Knockout, Rhaka Khan placed a phone call to police this morning that saw the company’s World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle arrested. WPXI News based out of Pittsburgh reports:

According to a criminal complaint, his girlfriend had filed a protection from abuse order against Angle, which was served at his home on Saturday morning.

The woman reported to police that she was at a Starbucks on the internet, when she claims she saw Angle stalking her.

She called 911, and police pulled over Angle in his girlfriend’s car.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson confirms that the girlfriend in question is a TNA performer. Angle has been in a relationship with Khan — real name Trenesha Biggers — for quite sime time, he even confirmed this himself on Howard Stern’s radio show. The pair began dating after Angle split with wife and former Knockout, Karen.

Khan hasn’t been seen on TNA television for several months though she last competed at a house show last month.

This whole situation is just shocking…

EDIT: Hollywood tabloid, The Insider has revealed even more details:

There was an altercation at the home of Kurt Angle involving Angle and girlfriend Trenesha Biggers, aka TNA’s Rhaka Khan. Biggers went to police and filed a protection from abuse order against Angle, and police came and removed Angle from the home this morning.

At around 8AM, Biggers called police again, stating that Angle was stalking her. She had gone to a Starbucks to use the internet, and told police that Angle had her phone and had been circling the parking lot. She claimed Angle was deleting photos from the phone, which were described as “pictures of abuse”.

Angle was questioned by police, under suspicion of DUI, and when they searched the vehicle, they found used syringes and two vials of HGH. Angle claimed that he had a prescription for the medication, and could provide that to police.

At first, I was just shocked and didn’t know what to think but ‘pictures of abuse’ makes it seem like we’re looking at a Chris Brown/Rihanna situation. I have no tolerance for domestic violence and I can’t sugarcoat my words, I hope the asshole gets what’s coming to him.

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