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TNA’s Salinas Propositioned by Reality Rejects


TNA’s Salinas, better known to you and I as Shelly Martinez was propositioned by couple, Jonny Fairplay (Survivor) and Michelle Deighton (America’s Next Top Model) backstage at the company’s Destination X pay per view. Fairplay confirmed the rumour on when he appeared on the Voice of Wrestling radio show:

Jonny Fairplay was on the Voice of Wrestling radio show tonight and confirmed rumors that he and his fiancée asked TNA Knockout Shelly ‘Salinas’ Martinez for a three-some backstage at the Destination X PPV. “Yah, it’s true” he said. Fairplay and his fiancée Michelle Deighton (who is bi-sexual) openly asked Shelly ‘Salinas’ Martinez for a three-some in front of a bunch of people backstage. Deighton (former contestant on American’s Next Top Model) and Fairplay were both backstage with their little daughter Piper.

Thankfully, Shelly declined the offer for a freak show threesome, she cited she was too busy filming another porno… I mean, a fetish flick.

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