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Tommy Dreamer Says Divas Need More Airtime, Praises Knockouts Division

Former ECW, WWE and TNA star Tommy Dreamer was the special guest on last week’s episode of 3 Way with Fire & Ice, the new Internet radio show from Amber O’Neal and Angel Orsini.

When asked about his thoughts on the current women’s wrestling in WWE & TNA, Dreamer said:

My personal take on women’s wrestling is that today, in the WWE, the women need more airtime and storylines. There are some very amazing and talented women in the WWE. In TNA, they get a lot of airtime. I believe they’re still the highest rated people on the show, which is pretty awesome for the girls. Some of the stories are a little kooky, but they’re still doing a decent job building up the women in TNA.

Listen to the show here.

Thoughts: I agree with his thoughts on WWE. As for TNA, while the women do get more time, I think they try to do too much and have a lot going on and this doesn’t necessarily help storylines and feuds. If they could really focus in on storytelling for one feud as in the days of Kim vs Kong, I think they’d be better off.

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