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Toni Storm on her shoulder injury heading into NXT UK TakeOver

NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm has what she declares as one of the biggest matches of her career coming up this weekend. At NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff she will be defending her title against a long-time best friend turned foe, Kay Lee Ray.

Credit: WWE

Ray earned this title opportunity by winning a Battle Royal in June. The match was made official in July. Storm spoke with Sportskeeda recently in regards to her upcoming title defense. Through this Storm confirmed that she has been having issues with her shoulder. As a result, she has taken some time off from a few shows as a precaution.

 “Well basically, I’m traveling a lot, I’m working a lot, I’m doing a lot of shows. Obviously, I’m going to be okay for TakeOver. I just had to cancel a few bookings to prevent injury because sometimes you just get to a point and after ten years my body starts to, kind of, fail me a little bit.

She continues, “But yeah, I did have a little bit of an issue with my shoulder and I just needed to take a break because there’s so much at stake. I’m going into the biggest match of my career so far. My biggest title defense since being champion. So I just have to actually take care of myself for a few weeks leading into this. I can’t take any risks at the moment because what we do to our bodies can be so dangerous so I’m basically just getting myself in proper condition because there’s so much at stake.”

Credit: WWE

Storm also comments on her real-life relationship with Ray and how this match is truly personal. Ray has gone beyond kayfabe and a lot of what has been said during this feud is real.

“To be honest a lot of that was real. The thing that’s so unique about this is that there’s a lot of real stuff involved. It’s kind of bringing out a different side to me I think, going into this because very rarely does it get personal at this level. Especially by someone that I’ve known and trusted for such a long time. It’s brought out a whole different emotion out of me I’m feeling a lot of things all at once. All I can say is that it’s going to be one hell of a fight because if you bring up personal stuff it can get a bit different.”

NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff will be live this weekend on the WWE Network at 2 p.m. EST on Aug. 31.

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