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Toni Storm to face Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Title on Dec. 24

On next week’s Christmas Eve episode of SmackDown, Toni Storm will finally get her SmackDown Women’s Championship match.

For a number of weeks now, the champion Charlotte Flair has been avoiding a title match with Storm. The two finally faced off in a contenders match last week but Flair caused a disqualification resulting in Storm getting the win.

This week’s SmackDown opened with a huge tag team match which had Storm team with Sasha Banks as they took on Flair and Shotzi.

Toni Storm & Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte Flair & Shotzi

In a match that gave the women plenty of time to work with, Storm would get the pin on The Queen to win the match for her and Banks.

The final breakdown of the match had Banks execute the backstabber on Shotzi which resulted in Flair tossing The Boss from the ring through the middle ropes.

While Flair had her back turned, Storm hit a massive crossbody from the turnbuckle and for the near fall. The two then tussle in the corner which sends Storm face-first into the middle turnbuckle.

Flair goes up top to hit her moonsault, however, Storm moves out of the way but the champ lands on her feet. She goes for a standing moonsault but Storm got her knees up. Storm rolls Flair up into a bridge to get the three count.

Storm and Banks celebrated to end the segment.

Moments later, Natalya was seen backstage rewatching Xia Li’s debut from last week. Li thwarted the plans of Sonya Deville when she came out to make the save for Naomi in the three-on-one attack that included Deville, Natalya, and Shayna Baszler. Li has coined herself as “The Protector.”

Natalya gets asked in an interview about Li’s debut. She reminds everyone who she is and that she is the best of all time. She is a Guinness World Record holder by having the most matches for any woman in WWE history AND the most pay-per-view matches.

Natalya says that Xia Li on SmackDown is a nobody and if she steps up to her ever again she is going to be the one that will need a protector.

Speaking of Naomi, she continues to get the last laugh on Sonya Deville. In the ring, Naomi has her Christmas list in hand and proclaims all she wants for Christmas is to have that one-on-one match with Deville.

Deville makes her way out but says there is one woman who is dying to get a match with Naomi and that is Shayna Baszler. While Naomi agrees to take on Baszler, she eggs on Deville to get in the ring and fight her. Deville plays along with the idea but only so that Baszler can attack Naomi from behind and target the leg.

Naomi defeated Shayna Baszler

Once Naomi seemed to be unable to get back to her feet, Deville ordered the referee to ring the bell. In mere moments Baszler tries to get Naomi to submit, but it backfires when Naomi gets enough leverage for Baszler’s shoulders to get on the mat for the three count.

Quick results for 205 Live –

Yulisa Leon picks up her first win in WWE as she and Valentina Feroz continue to look strong as a tag team and defeat Erica Yan & Fallon Henley. Feroz got the pin on Yan.

Lash Legend tries to make it two in a row after picking up a win in her debut match last week. She wasn’t able to do so as Sarray walked out with the victory.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for further news and results from the women of the SmackDown brand.

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