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Tonight Matthew, I’m Going To Be Trish Stratus…

You probably won’t get the title unless you live in the UK and ever watched ITV’s Stars in Their Eyes, but anyhoo it looks like some of our current Superstars and Divas are hoping to mould their careers on the successful legacies carved by some of WWE’s biggest legends. Among them three Divas: Michelle McCool, Mickie James and Natalya who all seem think that they have the va va voom to be the next legend. So which legends do they aliken them to be like?

It’s about to be a girl fight as both Raw Diva, Mickie and ECW’s Natalya seem to think that they’re the next Sensational Sherri.

Mickie James
I’d probably compare myself to Sensational Sherri. She was unpredictable and a ball of fire. Sherri was down to earth and funny, but wild and crazy too, she was one of the greatest.

I see a lot of other traits of Superstars before me that I try to emulate, though I like to blaze my own trail. I really like Sensational Sherri. Her in-ring timing was impeccable and the energy that she exuded was timeless. In some crazy way – good or bad – she had class.

I think I’ll award this round to Natalya. I can see a lot of the fun eccentricities that Sherri had in Natalya. Both were/are very much their own women and have that crazy, sexy, cool confidence. Mickie and Sherri? Not so much. I’d say Mickie is more a combination of Moolah, with that always reliable wrestling ability and some of the spark of Lita.

Meanwhile, first ever Divas Champion, Michelle goes for the obvious pick – Trish Stratus.

People have always told me they see a lot of Trish Stratus in me. I think that’s a great compliment. She was beautiful, athletic and she was here to prove something. That’s exactly what I’m here to do.

Hmm… besides being blonde and athletic, I don’t see much of a similarity between these two. Michelle lacks the personality and charisma that made Trish instantly likeable. Michelle, to me, is more like ‘that chick who had the skills but lacked the fan connection and never truly got over’, which to me is a Diva like Ivory.

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