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Top 10 WWF/E Women’s Champions – You Vote!!

The OG WWF/E Women’s Championship dates back to 1956 and ran until 2010 when it was unified with the Divas Championship.

There were a total of 28 women to hold the gold throughout all of those decades. There were two times in the history where the title was not being used. The title was deactivated in 1990 and returned at the end of 1993. Then in 1995, Alundra Blayze left WWF, went to WCW, and would drop the championship belt in the trash can on air. This moment is cemented in the belt’s history. The title returned in 1998.

There were also three women we will not be including in the voting as their reigns are not recognized. They are Bette Boucher, Yukiko Tomoe, and Evelyn Stevens. We will also not be including the new WWE Women’s Championship as that lineage is linked to the Raw Women’s Championship

Below you will see the list of 28 names. You may vote up to TEN names to determine the Top 10. Results will be posted once the poll is finished.

Happy Voting!!

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