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Top 5 challengers for Bayley and the SmackDown Women’s Championship


Credit: WWE

Carmella and Bayley have a really interesting history. Back in NXT Bayley and Carmella struck up a great friendship that would be known as “Bay-Mella” and this will no doubt make the backbone for a great storyline.

This backstory was used briefly earlier this year when Carmella faced Bayley for the Championship on the Feb, 14 SmackDown. However, it was nowhere near used to its full extent.

A strong lengthy feud with Bayley would be very entertaining, and emotional. Especially now that Bayley has really found her way as the show’s top heel.

Carmella’s previous title run was entertaining but hampered with the inclusion of J***s E*******h. Just for putting up with that Carmella should be awarded another championship reign.

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