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Top Independent Wrestler Heading to AAA

WSU World Champion, Mercedes Martinez is set to debut for AAA in Mexico next year.

I’m told that a deal is in place for Martinez to move to Mexico and take up a full-time spot in the company within the first quarter of 2011. Martinez was referred to AAA booker, Konnan under the guise that she’d be paired with Alissa Flash — who recently debuted for AAA — as a tag team.

The move means that Martinez will likely not be available for many (if any) shows in the US, which throws upcoming WSU plans into disarray as she is very much the face of the company. The company had booked Mercedes to defend her WSU Championship against Serena in the main event of their fourth anniversary show on March 5th.

Earlier this week, WSU announced that they will now be holding a last-minute show in January. I’m told that this new show in January will be very special for Mercedes Martinez fans, with WSU plugging it as featuring their ‘biggest main event ever’. It’s likely that we will see a title switch.

Obviously, with her availability for the WSU fourth anniversary show in early-March now in question, this also calls into question her availability for SHIMMER in late-March.

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