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Torrie at WrestleMania


After being away from the Internet for quite a while there, Torrie Wilson has returned to her MySpace (and returned my e-mails finally, yay!) to let us know what’s up with her and drop a little bombshell that’ll have those of us that are Torrie-inclined screaming out loud!

Hey everyone!

Well, I am gearing up to head over to Orlando next week for wrestlemania and am so very excited to see everyone! It feels like forever since I got to hang with the gang and I guess I am gonna be obligated to get loose! I have pretty much just been laying low lately and doing what you do as a store owner.
We have had 2 fashion shows in the last few months and they both went awesome. I go to the chiropractor every single day for 2 hours when I wake up and they put me on a machine that stretches my back constantly for an hour straight and then physical therapy. I feel like it is starting to get a little better, but still pray everyday for the pain to go away. It is amazing that I can hurt this bad when I have never even been near as physical in the ring as some of the other superstars….what can ya do though at this point! I am trying to keep a positive outlook on things!

My store has been doing amazing and it’s such a great feeling to see how fast things are moving. We are already looking into moving our store into a space that is double in size and possibly even another location in Austin. Can’t wait…maybe someday there will be a “jaded” store near you!

I will definately fill you all in on every moment of my trip to Orlando..untill then have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

xoxo Torrie

It wouldn’t be WrestleMania without Torrie, we sure hope she gets a spot on the show as a lumberjack or something! Even if she is injured, it wouldn’t do to have her backstage and not send her out there; especially considering this will be Torrie’s sixth consecutive ‘Mania appearance.

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