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Torrie on That Battle Royal and Possible WWE Returns


My favourite gal from the past, Torrie Wilson has been making the headlines in the past week as she gears up to head off into the Costa Rican jungle for NBC’s “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” But before her reality expedition in June, Torrie along with the rest of the cast are out and about promoting the series and likely, IGN was just one of the media outlets that got the opportunity to chat to Torrie. Known for their wrestling know-how, IGN was probably the only outlet to ask Torrie about her wrestling career, so what were the fruits of their labour?

In an interview with IGN, Torrie commented on that battle royal at WrestleMania 25 at the beginning of the month (May tomorrow… this month has flown by, right?), check out what she had to say:

IGN: You were at WrestleMania a couple of weeks ago. What was it like for you to go back there and revisit the WWE?

Torrie: It was awesome. It was a great experience. I never really thought I would do much. I retired after having back surgery last summer and I just never really thought that would be a door that I was really going to open again. But I love everybody there and it was great to see everybody. It was a small role for WrestleMania, but whatever role when you go to WrestleMania is just incredible and it’s such an honor to be a part of it.

Torrie, like Victoria who also commented on the match, is a consummate professional even though she’s retired. I’m sure it must be incredibly frustrating to come back for that match to little to no fanfare and see it go down the way it did, but these girls are a true testament to the professionalism within the industry. And I really do believe Torrie – and Victoria – to be part of WrestleMania in any way is a huge honour and I don’t knock any of the returning Divas for wanting to be part of it.

So after getting a little taste of the WWE again, would Torrie consider a comeback? Let’s find out…

IGN: So do you think at some point you might show up again?

Torrie: Yeah, I definitely am not keeping that door closed. I love Vince [McMahon]. I love everybody there. The traveling, 280-300 days a year, I’m kind of past that. I just don’t know… And definitely with my back, having had back surgery, I don’t think a full time wrestling schedule is in the works. But you know, something here and there might be something I’d look at.

I would love to see Torrie make the occasional visit to WWE, but up until a week ago, I would have told you it’s highly unlikely. Unless you’re Trish Stratus, I don’t think any past Diva can expect the Mick Foley-esque drop-bys every now and then. However that was up until a week ago, I would be hugely surprised if WWE didn’t try and capitalise on Torrie’s new found fame following her stint on “I’m a Celebrity…”, watch this space…

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