Friday, March 1, 2024

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Torrie Wilson Appearing on 500th SmackDown?

torrieSmackDown tapes it’s record-breaking 500th episode tonight in Corpus Christi, Texas just a few hours away from the hometown of one of the show’s most iconic Divas, Torrie Wilson. Will The Covergirl show up tonight? It would help build-up to the Miss WrestleMania battle royal which Torrie is very likely to be a part of, while delivering us with some good ole fashioned nostalgia.

Torrie has served up some of SmackDown’s most memorable Diva moments. That kiss with Dawn Marie? Sable‘s jaw dropping return at her Playboy coming out party?

It can’t hurt to announce one or two of the ‘legend’ names ahead of time and the 500th episode seems like the perfect time to do it. I’d say chances are ‘slim to good’ that Torrie will at least be backstage. Stay tuned.

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