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Total Bellas Redux: “Quickie Fix”

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Another week, another episode of Total Bellas! I could definitely get used to this.

On this week’s episode of Total Bellas, the Bella fam discuss all things sex, prenups and relationships. From jealousy and couple trouble, to marriage and prenups, this episode is a hectic one. And it all started with a quickie!

The episode starts out as Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Daniel Bryan are discussing Brie and Daniel’s sex life. Daniel insists that he only likes to have sex when foreplay and an extensive sensual feel is apparent. Nikki – being Nikki – finds this weird and tries to encourage the pair to have quickies because, as she can clearly tell, a sexually frustrated Brie is standing by.

Following the awkward conversation, Brie and Bryan start arguing in the car when Brie becomes judgemental of her husband’s driving skills. I know that Nikki technically signed up for this, but she didn’t sign up for this. Poor girl.

Back at the house the majority of the family are sitting in the living room as Kathy Colace and Johnny Laurinitis’ eloping is brought up. Of course, the rest of the family are taken aback by the news, but it’s JJ Garcia who seems to take it the hardest. JJ, as explained by his sisters, is extremely protective over the ladies of his family. So with that being the case, and added onto the fact that his mother has had two previously failed marriages, he states that the two should wait it out. He makes it clear that his mother wasn’t to blame for the previous relationships, but he does think that jumping in so soon is part of the destruction. Yikes!

We then get a cute scene in which John Cena teaches Brie how to ride a stick shift. The pair then join the rest of the family and this news somewhat angers Daniel. As someone that has done this his whole life, he thought that he would be teaching his wife how to drive it. However, because of his scheduling, Brie jumped on the opportunity for Cena to do it – and she also wanted to spend some time with him as she hardly does. Sensing the frustration in her husband, Brie suggests that she could teach Bryan how to swim, so that the two can spend some time together.

As the conversation goes on, Lauren Garcia’s (JJ’s wife) sister-in-law Lexie pops up. Immediately Bryan asks Lexie about her swimming background and she says that she was on the swim team. And – you know what’s gonna happen – it’s Lexie that ends up teaching Bryan how to swim.

The swimming scene is a little weird as Brie believes that Bryan only chooses Lexie to annoy her. And with her bigger breasts and better skills, Brie feels somewhat intimidated by her sister-in-law.

Later on we see Nikki and Brie in Brie’s guest house bedroom discussing the younger twin’s sex life. As awkward as this may sound, the girls still proceed with it. Brie turn on a rock-shaped light and turns down the lights so that her sister can understand how the procedure feels. And as expected, Nikki is ever so judgemental.

Quickly after we’re shown a scene of the guys hanging out after dinner. And here’s where things get really interesting. Johnny Ace sits all of the guys down and brings up a potential prenup for his relationship. Whilst Bryan and Cena are in agreement of the whole idea, JJ isn’t quite on board (though he only makes that heard during the confession session, and not during the actual scene).

Flash forward and we’re onto the following morning – and things get even more awkward. A tired Brie and Bryan walk out of the bedroom for morning coffee and we find out that the pair have a quickie. And they hated it. After telling Nikki however, the beans are then spilled on the coffee table. And it of course gets even more awkward.

Following the coffee date, JJ, Kathy, Brie and Nikki are then having lunch at a restaurant and the topic of the eloping is on their minds. JJ and Brie are very much not okay with the whole thing. He emphasises how he isn’t a fan of it taking place so soon, and Brie then says how it’s embarrassing that their mother has already had two failed marriages. Kathy immediately takes offense at this and tells her kids that they wouldn’t be okay with her bringing up all of their mistakes, so she would like for them to not do it to her. And the gloves are off.

Emotions are still pretty high when the gang head back to the house, but things take a slightly different turn. As Brie readies herself to spray tan her sister, Nikki tells her that the reason she wants her around Bryan around so much is because John is at rehab practically all day, everyday. In this emotional moment, Nikki says that she uses excuses like spray tanning and driving to spend time with them as she’s really lonely all of the time. Cue quiet sobs behind the screen.

During the evening, Nikki confronts John and tells him how she misses spending time with him. And though Cena says that his health is always his priority, he intends to change his ways. Aw!

As this goes on, Brie tells her mother about the prenup – which she heard of because of JJ. Of course, Kathy is infuriated. Colace feels that anything about their relationship should stay with just them, rather than with the boys, so she remains angry for the entirety of the car ride. Nikki called the pair – on speaker – and Kathy tells her how she isn’t excited to see Johnny. And yes, he is there to hear it. Thankfully Cena fakes a bad connection and the awkward conversation is saved for later.

Once Kathy and Johnny have a conversation about their relationship, things are soon made clear. Johnny said that he wanted to discuss things with the boys as they’re all family. He didn’t want to keep the relationship away from the rest of them and in fact wants everyone to be a unit. And cue the adorable hug and make up session!

Thoughts: What an adorable episode! Between the awkward sex talk and the relationship solutions, this episode is such a cute one to watch!

Something I appreciate about this show is the fact that it makes me fall in love with this family more and more. We get to know each member’s insecurities, their personality and their relationships, and it all leads up to a really nice forty two minute programme.

This week we’re treated to getting to know Kathy, and this is something I really wanted. I mentioned last week that Kathy is a character that we could all do with getting to know better – and now my wish is E!’s command! In this episode Kathy is quite a strong figure. Between her humorous rants and her issues with Johnny, there’s definitely a lot of Kathy to go around.

I didn’t really expect Kathy to be all that funny, but she ends up being one of the funniest members of the ensemble. She’s such an entertaining character that it’s kind of a shame that Total Divas didn’t capitalise on her sooner. But at least we’re here!

It’s also pretty great that through Kathy’s spotlight, the likes of JJ and Johnny Ace are also given some time to shine. JJ is also a character we never really got to know, and previously I would say I disliked him. However his charm and love for the ladies of his family have changed my mind completely. JJ is more than just the “annoying young brother” trope that Total Divas gave him. JJ is a protective, loving and kind member of the Bella family, and it’s great that this spin-off has given him that image.

As well as all of this, this episode gives us the humorous ways of the Bellas and their fellas that we know and love. Between the sex talk and the assistant jokes, it’s a really great episode to see the gang chill out and just have fun. We’re very much away from the overly dramatic storylines seen on Total Divas, and instead we’re seeing the couples for who they are, with only the relevant issues being displayed.

Overall, this episode was great, and even better than the premiere!

What are your thoughts on the episode? Do you love Kathy as much as I do? Let us know your views in the comments below!


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