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Total Divas Redux: “An Unwanted Proposal” & “Some Like it Hot”

Who’s ready for another two-for-one Total Divas Redux?!

I FINALLY got the opportunity to catch up earlier this morning, and by far, season four as been the best offering of TD thus far. With the finale just a few days away, I can’t wait to see the Dolph Ziggler/Nikki Bella stuff we have been teased about since July! But first, A LOT of things have been happening with our girls and their beaus. From career threatening injuries, to trips to Mexico, to stand-up comedy debuts. The past two episodes have definitely delivered.

Regular fans of WWE know all about Daniel Bryan and the struggles he’s had with his body the past couple of years. It hasn’t been easy to watch the popular superstar sit on the sidelines as the storylines pass him by, but Daniel Bryan did get some good news. The doctors have cleared him to go back to wrestling. Brie was apprehensive about this because as a wife, she cares about his health and wants him to be a healthy father for their future children.

Daniel had a meeting with the WWE about his status and afterwards, he told his wife that the company was hesitant in letting him wrestle. Brie used the opportunity to voice her concerns, and it was pretty clear that husband and wife were on two different sides. If you’re wondering about Daniel’s current status, as of now he has not returned to the ring.

Paige had some relationship drama of her own over the course of the two episodes, although I wouldn’t exactly call it bad. It became clear to all of us watching that when Kevin dragged his leading lady into a jewelry store and started asking questions, he had something planned. A man doesn’t take a woman into a jewelry store and start questioning her about her ring size unless he has some long term plans in mind. This kind of freaked Paige out and things got worse when her suspicions were confirmed. Emma, along with Paige’s roommate, and Paige herself went snooping for the ring and found it inside one of Kevin’s jackets. Paige didn’t handle the discovery well. It’s understandable because becoming engaged is a huge step in any relationship, regardless of how much you love the other person.

And yes, the the guitarist did propose. He proposed to Paige at a tattoo shop, under the guise he wanted to get some new ink. She was speechless at first, and eventually said yes, but later on realized that she may have made a mistake. All the girls headed to Mexico for some rest and relaxation and when Paige revealed her ring to the girls, almost all of them were excited for her. Alicia was a little skeptical seeing as how Paige told her she didn’t want to be married at all, but Paige reassured her that all was well.

Well, things weren’t well. The girls would not let up about Paige’s engagement and upcoming wedding, and started throwing out all kinds of ideas for the nuptials. It made the young Diva freak out a little bit and she eventually pulled Alicia Fox to the side and admitted that she lied to her BFF.

Paige doesn’t want to get married and accepted her boyfriend’s proposal because she didn’t want to lose him. Obviously finds herself in the middle of an awkward situation now and who knows how that is going to resolve itself.

The trip to Mexico was filled with laughs, tears, and some soul searching for each of the girls. Nikki planned the trip because she wanted to embrace her Mexican heritage, which is part of who she is. It’s been well documented that the twins don’t have the best relationship with their father, and Brie revealed that currently she wasn’t on speaking terms with him. Nikki was looking at their dad’s Instagram and found out that he is currently expecting a child with a woman named Anna, and that surprised both girls. Nikki wished her father well but Brie wasn’t ready to break the ice with him.

Nikki wanted everyone to experience the old Mayan ruins during their trip, and planned an outing for all of them. Brie didn’t want to go and finally admitted it was because she didn’t care to learn about that side of her family. Nikki understood but reminded her sister that she had to let go of whatever animosity she was feeling. Brie was stubborn and came around, and the girls all had a beautiful trip to the ruins. Unfortunately, during the outing, they got the devastating news that Dusty Rhodes had passed away.

It did put a damper on things, and rightfully so. All of us watched the outpouring of love and support from the wrestling world when one of the most beloved superstars ever passed a few months ago. They did resume their fun, and there were several light hearted moments. Paige picking on Natalya for spreading rumors about Tyson Kidd and Cesaro liking each other was a definite highlight.

Naomi finally realizing that she could still honor Jimmy Uso and show off her amazing body was fun too. I can understand why Jon would want to keep his wifey under lock and key, but like Naomi said, there has to be a happy medium, and when she finally let loose, she put all the other girls to shame with her bikini body. Speaking of the couple, Jon had a huge part in the episode before last.

Naomi sort of pushed him into trying stand up comedy, and that was amazing. Jon is actually hilarious and once he got over his stage fright, he made quite the debut.

I definitely enjoyed the past two eppies and I can’t wait to see how they wrap things up before going on break for awhile. Should be fun! Until then….

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