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Total Divas Redux: “Baby Not on Board”

So part of my New Year’s resolution was to make sure I personally wrote up every single Total Divas Redux for this new season, regardless of how long it took me to do. Clearly, it’s taken me awhile this week thanks to my insane work schedule, but since the show has reclaimed its place in my heart as my favorite guilty pleasure, here I am, sneaking it in between my day-to-day boring tasks.

I have to say that Paige may be the most delightful person to ever grace the backstage area of World Wrestling Entertainment. Of course, you can define “delightful” however you wish, but I think she’s hilarious. She wasn’t as heavily featured this week, but that’s alright. Her backstage breast groping with WWE wrestler Big E. Langston was enough to tide me over for another week, not to mention the way she greeted a backstage worker. Just hilarious.

The episode didn’t suffer from the lack of Paige. It soared thanks to the addition of Alicia Fox.

We got the opportunity to see The Foxy One at her best, as she teamed up with our favorite mess Rosa Mendes in this week’s edition of “Backstage Besties.” During a match with Summer Rae and Layla, Rosa suffered a humiliating wardrobe malfunction that bared her bottom to a world wide audience. At first, Rosa was mortified and rightfully so. But then she saw that it gained her a tremendous amount of notoriety. Rosa gained thousands and thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram, and you could so tell she loved the attention.

She went to Foxy with a plan to capitalize on this new found fame. The plan was for them to pitch the idea of having a match with one another and during that bout, Alicia would “accidentally” pull Rosa’s top down. The two even went as far as to try and choreograph it, but it didn’t work out. Luckily, both of them decided it wasn’t worth risking their jobs anyway.

Unfortunately, Foxy was joking about the situation to some of the other Divas in the locker room and one of them ratted the plan out to our dear Mark, who as we know, is one of the big wigs within the company that handles the talent. He read Rosa the riot act for even thinking of doing something like that and told her she would be fired if it ever happened. To say Rosa was upset was an understatement, and she flipped on Alicia. Alicia apologized profusely for even saying anything and they made up.

Their friendship seems sweet, and if you know your wrestling history, the two of them have been working together since the WWE was using Ohio Valley Wrestling as their developmental territory. That was ages ago, and that’s a long time to be around someone. I love that Alicia was finally added to this cast because I think I speak for the majority of us when I say she probably should have been included since day one.

Someone who has been around since day one is Eva Marie, and she had a major obstacle to overcome this time. In seasons past, we learned that Mrs. All Red Everything had some problems with her lady parts that were actually pretty serious. And when we say serious, it’s “You May Not Be Able To Have Kids” serious. Well, Jonathan has never hidden the fact he wants to have a big family, but come to find out, Eva kind of feels the opposite. She never stepped up to say anything, and just went with the flow, but as Jonathan’s desire to become a father became more evident, Eva started to realize that she kinda, sorta needed to let him in on her secret.

Needless to say, Jonathan wasn’t impressed with the fact the woman he decided to marry didn’t want to have his children. In fact, he was furious, and rightfully so. He felt lied too, and he kind of was. Eva felt terrible, as well she should, but there was also more to her feelings as well. Not only was she scared of pregnancy, she was worried about her ability to be a mother because she didn’t believe she had any maternal instincts. The two of them did talk things out and Jonathan said that he likely would have married her anyway, because he loved her that much. But he was most upset because she took away his choice. He also said he wouldn’t push her for having kids until she was ready, because he truly felt that down the line, she would be.

And guess what? Eva had a bunch of tests run by a fertility specialist (the same one Nikki Bella uses), and she will be able to have a baby when the time is right.

What I like about Eva and Jonathan is the fact that their relationship is based on pure love. He is so respectful even when he gets angry. He always removes himself from the situation instead of screaming and yelling at his wife and in my opinion, that is just absolutely incredible. I also get why Eva didn’t want to tell him out right that she didn’t want children, because she didn’t want to lose him. He is a great catch. There’s not many left like Jonathan, and I just really adore the relationship between him and Eva. So sweet. I may or may not have cried a little.

The Bella twins and their drama didn’t leave me in tears this week but thankfully, their rift seems to be well on its way to healing. Nikki actually let her feelings get in the way of work, acting pretty unprofessionally during a merchandising meeting for the Bella brand.

Brie wasn’t that impressed and said something to her sister, but obviously Nikki wasn’t receptive. That is fair enough, because her feelings were still hurt. When Mama Bella failed to solve the problem between her three children, Brie came to realization that she was going to have to work even harder to try and fix it.

It boiled over at a family dinner, and finally Brie was able to pull Nikki aside and talk to her. Nikki did forgive Brie for getting involved, but she wasn’t willing to let it completely go. But, she did say that she understood where Brie and JJ were coming from.

This week was definitely a nice second episode. Can’t wait to see what Sunday holds and here’s hoping that I’ll be able to get this up sooner :P

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