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Total Divas Redux: ‘Cross Country Catastrophe’ & ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’

Geeze, it’s been a super long week and it’s only Wednesday. I’m not sure if that makes me excited that tomorrow is Thursday, or just makes me depressed because Friday is still out of reach. Regardless of all that, it’s meant that a lot of things have been neglected in my life, including my commitment to Diva Dirt. I got an opportunity to do a SHIMMER Roundtable episode last week, and it was amazing doing audio again, but trying to find the time to fit that in was a headache. I truly love this site and everything and everyone involved in it (yes, even you readers), and it just kills me that I can’t make time for regular posts. But what bothers me more than anything, is not being able to cover Total Divas the way it needs to be covered. When I heard that we were going to have back-to-back episodes for a couple of weeks, I cringed. It’s only every other week that I get an off day that’s not Saturday. Still, no excuse for not doing what I’m supposed, but I’m very thankful for the DD support system that keeps working with me. No one is harder on me than me, and I’m probably making more out of this than I should, but it’s what I do.

Now with that out of the way, lets tackle everything that went down this past Sunday. We got two hours worth of drama, heartache, laughs, and good times. And hey, my hometown got to make a nice little cameo during the great roadtrip featuring Eva Marie, Ariane, Jonathan and Vinnie. Now, I’m not sure what prompted Eva to think that going on a massive roadtrip across the country with an extremely OCD person was a good idea, but she persisted. And yes, it blew up right in her face. Once Jonathan busted out his trip itinerary, it was basically doomed. Ariane and Vinnie are definitely a lot more laid back and go with the flow, but once Eva and Jonathan started to fight, the negativity rubbed off on them. Pretty soon, everyone was bickering and once the foursome hit Texas, they decided it was time to part ways. Flights were made and things were shipped out of California, where Jonathan and Eva were moving too.

Eva was also prominently featured in the second episode of the night, but it was for entirely different reasons. This time it was wedding talk, and more about the condition of her father was revealed. The cancer that Barry has been dealing with for the past sixteen years, has spread through his body, and it was something Eva was having difficulty dealing with. Brie attempted to reach out and offer support, but Eva claimed to be fine. She was anything but fine, which she finally admitted too later. In order to take some of the stress off of Eva, Brie decided to throw her a bridal shower, and it was gorgeous. Eva was overwhelmed, and touched, and had an amazing moment with her mother. I’m not going to lie, every time Eva is on camera with her family, I get a little emotional. She’s so close with them and her relationship with her father is very sweet.

Daniel Bryan and Brie had some not so sweet moments this go around, and it all took place during the first episode. They decided that once they were married, they would share a bank account and someone got a little too controlling over it. The controlling one was Daniel, who actually had alerts set up on his phone to track their money and every time it was spent. He even went as far as to call Brie every time she spent some money. I am so not a fan of joint bank accounts in a relationship because of things just like that. Brie felt slighted because Daniel was acting like he couldn’t trust her, and rightfully so. She finally had a conversation with him about the issue, and told him that she’s never given him any reason to act the way he was acting because she doesn’t go around and freely spend money. After the Teen Choice Awards, Daniel finally admitted he was in the wrong about the whole thing, and they did their cute Braniel things again.

The best thing about this? It all started because Brie wanted to purchase a new dress for the red carpet.

Ariane and Vinnie almost made a huge purchase, in the form of a house, but sadly, that didn’t work out. A few episodes ago, Ariane had asked Nikki to be her real estate agent and help them find a home they could live in together. Nikki agreed and found two beautiful places in California that was right up Ariane and Vinnie’s alley. Both of them were out of the price range of the couple, but both wanted the second house really bad. They went into their meeting with Nikki prepared to make an offer, but when she proposed that they put one point four million on the table, they started to back peddle. Ariane and Vinnie both thought that Nikki could get the price lowered for them, and even went as far as to ask her to give up her commission on the house, which Nikki refused. It was a business decision but it ruffled feathers, and Ariane decided that she no longer wanted to work with her friend.

Nikki wasn’t happy with the way things were left, and finally sat down with Ariane at television. They discussed the situation and worked it out, and Ariane basically said she was in the wrong for asking Nikki to give up her commission. She kind of was, to be fair, because real estate is a job and business for Nikki, and you can’t just ask someone to give up their paycheck. Nikki made the right decision and Ariane was also in the right for letting Nikki know that if not for John Cena, Nikki wouldn’t have the life she had. Both of them agreed to that, and all was fine in the end.

Sadly, things continued to deteriorate for Nattie and TJ. They went as far as seeing a divorce attorney and finding out that splitting their assets could cost them thousands of dollars. Of course, that didn’t put a stop to the fighting. It just made it worse. They tried to co-exist under the same roof, but things got ugly. Nattie continued to harp on the fact that TJ never does anything, and ended up dumping his clothes on their front lawn. The couple ended up having a nasty fight at work, and finally TJ just packed his stuff up and left their home.


Sometimes relationships aren’t what they’re cracked up to be, and Rosa seems to be a person who knows that all too well. She got real personal this week and revealed that all of her past relationships with men have involved abuse and violence. That’s pretty awful and kudos to her for still wanting to put herself out there and find love. A busted date with a pro football player pushed him in the arms of Summer Rae (which Rosa wasn’t to happy with), and she went a small serial dating phase. None of the guys she met really worked out for her, but there was a girl that she ended up vibing with. Rosa revealed that she also has a past history with women and because of her bad experiences with men, she’s kind of afraid of them. Nattie basically encouraged her to go for the girl if that’s what she wanted, and who knows? Maybe Rosa will find some happiness after all.

Next week is the season finale, or mid-season finale… whatever. And looks good. We finally get to see Eva and Jonathan’s wedding, and if you saw the announcement earlier in the week, new cast members are on their way. Alicia Fox and Paige will be joining the show once it comes back in January, and lets be honest, most of us have thought that Foxy should have been cast all along. Paige will be interesting to watch, and I’m not even going to lie, part of me wants a Saraya Knight appearance really, really bad, lol.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for next week!

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