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Total Divas Redux: Episode 12, ‘Get That Chingle Chingle’

Believe me, I get OCD. I suffer from it every day of my life. I have all the pens at my desk arrange in certain order, in a special spot, reserved just for them. I have the items on my desk arranged in such a particular way I can tell when someone has been around my area and moved something, or “borrowed” it. I’m just a very particular, meticulous person. When it comes to things at work, my two co-workers put up with a lot. They’re not allowed to touch certain things because they know I will freak out over how they do it. Just today, I walked into work and found gold Christmas garland with stars on it, bought just for me, to use to decorate our office. I couldn’t deal with it, because number one, it was on my desk. And number two, gold didn’t go with the pink, white, and silver Christmas tree (with a splash of lime green for color) theme I’ve got going on.

My boss gave me the Nikki Bella look. He looked absolutely devastated that he went out of his way to bring me Christmas decorations and I basically crapped all over them because it didn’t fit the particular color scheme I’m going for. I felt bad, kind of. But at the same time, I can’t help who I am. I’m a John Cena.

That being said, my heart went out to Nikki last night. Bless this poor girl’s heart, she was doing everything she could to keep it together. All John did was nitpick everything and that would have destroyed a lesser woman’s confidence. I mean seriously, Cena is so bad with his OCD, he had no personal pictures, no food in his fridge, and had separate clothes hampers for gym clothes and good clothes. I’m shocked Nikki handled things as well as she did because she could have just snapped. I have so much respect for her patience and tolerance when it comes to her relationship and you can tell that she truly loves John, quirks and all.

The ending was so sweet between them. I love that he went out and bought her two gorgeous picture frames and some candles. Relationships are all about compromise and after having a little heart to heart with his bestie, John decided that he needed to do that. How can you not root for these two? They have so much to deal with and so many things to work past, that you just want to see them get that happy ending. I want to see Nikki get that happy ending.

Relationships were definitely the theme last night. Naomi (Trinity) and Jimmy Uso (Jon) definitely had their struggle. Naomi’s father is a musician, as we all know, and he decided that he was going to stay with his daughter while he was in town. Needless to say that Papa McCray overstayed his welcome in Jimmy’s soulful brown eyes and tension between Naomi and her man came to a head when Papa McCray’s band decided to have an after party at their apartment.

Despite the fact that he has to get up in the morning every day of his life, Jimmy was super annoyed at the partying that was going on. Naomi was having a blast, but once Jimmy stormed out, she was left in a depressed state. Naomi ended up having to kick her dad out of the apartment and we’re just going to assume that her and Jimmy were living happily ever after at the conclusion of the episode.

This left me so torn because I see both sides of the situation. I understand Naomi wanting to spend as much time with her father as she can, especially when she never sees him. It was so refreshing to see their bond and see what a healthy relationship they have. However, that apartment is a two person home and I did feel like she wasn’t being very respectful towards Jimmy. She came to realize that at the end, and that’s what matters. It was even nicer that her father understood, and this was probably my favorite part of the episode.

I guess if there’s something I didn’t really like about this week’s episode, it was the Cameron (Ariane) and Vincent bit. It was downright excruciating watching him try out for the WWE and I felt so bad for him. It was great television, don’t get me wrong, but bless his heart. Vinnie was clearly not cut out for the business, despite the fact Cameron pushed him to be, and his breakdown after NXT trainer Bill DeMott told him that he wasn’t cut out for wrestling was kind of sad. Cameron was very supportive after being kind of pushy and I love that she took him out to try and cheer him up. They are so cute and so fun, and I hope Vinnie’s dreams of opening up a hookah bar end up coming to fruition.

Fun episode tonight, I have to say. There wasn’t a lot of Brie Bella, Eva Marie and Natalya this week which made me super sad. There was also no JoJo this week, but we’ve come to expect that. Despite all that, there were still hidden gems this week so lets get that started, shall we?

Eva Marie and her future action come in this week at number five. There is just something so wrong about this, that it makes it so right. I laughed so hard when she said it needed to have big boobs so it would sell more, and the catty tension between her and Nattie gives me life. I hope we see these two get into it again and again and again… haha.

Hidden gem number four involves the phrases “chingle, chingle” and “stank face.” Do I really need to sit here and type out why these things are so random? I didn’t think so.

John’s face when he came home to find Nikki cooking him dinner comes in at number three today. This man literally looked like he was about to burst into tears over the fact that a super hot woman was standing in the kitchen, making him food. It got even better when she decided to clean up after himself and instead of getting turned on at the site of a hot woman cleaning the kitchen, all John could do was worry about whether or not she got water on the floor while washing dishes. I just could not even.

John and Nikki are both involved in the runner-up hidden gem of the week. Parking luxury cars that none of us regular people will ever be able to afford is apparently not Nikki’s fortay. She was driving John to an appointment for his injured arm and nearly ran over the parking bump (is that what you even call that thing?). These two are perfect.

Number one shouldn’t be any surprise to any of you. Cameron’s singing is definitely the best hidden gem of the week. What can I even? She also gets several honorable mentions for her outfits this week!

That wraps us up for this week. I already know that next week’s episode is going to break me so be prepared with tissues. I’ll likely end up frying my keyboard with the steady stream of tears from my eyes because I can not handle anything animal related.

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