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Total Divas Redux: ‘For Better or For Worse’

So after dealing with a peanut butter egg and Easter candy hangover like all day, my Sunday concluded with my regularly scheduled viewing of Total Divas. Although, to be totally honest, I kinda just wanted to watch Game of Thrones since it’s like my whole life.

But anyway, this week’s episode had it’s funny moments but a good portion of it was pretty somber. Eva Marie was dealt a big blow in terms of her future. Jimmy Uso had to deal with daddy issues leading up to his nuptials to Naomi. And to round things out, Natalya and TJ had a visit with a sex therapist to try and put some spice into their pretty vanilla lifestyle.

I’ll be honest, Nattie and TJ visiting with Dr. Milrod was a little much for me. Just when you think Nattie can’t be any more old fashioned, you find out that she doesn’t even know what doggie style is. Queen Brie Bella, bless her heart, promptly bends over a table at a restaurant to demonstrate what it looks like. This continues on until Cameron takes it upon herself to call Dr. Milrod, the sex therapist that helped her and Vinnie work through their issues, on behalf of Nattie.

Well Nattie is open-minded, which is good. She schedules an appointment with the Doc, and Dr. Milrod comes to their house. She gets the idea to sex proof the house and give the couple some roleplaying ideas. TJ, poor guy, isn’t as open to all of this as Natalya is, and is a little uncomfortable to say the least. Eventually he opens up and starts being adorable, talking about how their first time went. It was really cute.

Despite all that led up to it not being as perfect as it should have been, Naomi and Jimmy’s wedding was really gorgeous. First of all, who doesn’t want to get married in a tropical paradise? The location was just perfect. The only thing that put a damper on the festivities was the fact Jimmy’s father, Rikishi, wasn’t on hand to celebrate. Naomi was concerned that it was because she wasn’t Samoan, but father and son don’t have the best relationship anyway. It wasn’t a surprise when the big man didn’t show up but it was unfortunate because Jimmy was the first son to get married.

While in Hawaii, Jimmy and his twin brother, Jey, bonded. Jey let his twin know that despite the fact their father wasn’t there, he was. It was so cute!!! The wedding went off without a hitch and during the reception, Jimmy’s mom gave the sweetest speech ever. She welcomed Naomi to the family with open arms.

On the other side of the spectrum, Eva Marie spent the episode dealing with her health issues. After waking up one morning with a swollen and deformed stomach, Eva Marie was taken to the emergency room by Johnathan.

Come to find out, she had a pretty bad cyst on her ovary and it ruptured. That led to more problems for our favorite red head, including the fact that she may never be able to carry children. It was a pretty big blow to the couple, but Johnathan reassured Eva that things were going to be okay for them and when it came to time to try for kids in the future, they would go seek our advice and the opinions of different specialists.

Despite having a super supportive husband, Eva was still at a pretty low point. At Johnathan’s urging, she finally reached out to her estranged family. Her mother gave her a dose of tough love at first but Eva admitted she needed her parents and once they found out what was going on, they immediately rushed to Florida. They were able to reconnect and Eva’s dad was especially impressed with how well Johnathan had taken care of his baby girl.

Good episode, overall. Our hidden gems for the week are pretty awesome.

Dr. Milrod suggesting that Natalya place a banana for TJ in a forbidden spot on her body comes in at number five this week. I get that there’s a whole host of sexual things you can do with kitchen items but I don’t want to think about the superstars and divas of the WWE doing those sorts of things in their spare time.

Except for Dolph Ziggler, of course. But we all agree he needs to just do porn.

At number four this week is a delightful little quote from Daniel Bryan. It came during conversation at the restaurant when the girls found out that Nattie didn’t know what anal was. Nikki made the comment that she learned what doggie style was when herself and Brie watched two dogs do it when they were younger. Nikki remarked that it was like the two were stuck together. DB chimed in with this, “Are you saying to me that dog semen is like glue?”

Our third hidden gem this week involves Johnathan and Barry, Eva Marie’s dad. We know the history between all of them so when the two men shared a handshake and a hug towards the end of the episode it was a nice sign. Hopefully they can all be a happy family and I will say that I’m super glad those cranky brothers were left at home!

Number two this week is kind of disturbing and kind of adorable all at the same time. Apparently, Nattie and TJ did take some of the advice the good doctor gave them. They decided to have some fun and roleplaying. Nattie dressed up as an innocent little schoolgirl and TJ decided to be a home invader. I’m not sure what kind of kink it led too, but both of them looked smoking hot in their costumes!

And last, but not least, our number one gem of the week comes to us from Hawaii. Naomi’s father breaking down and sobbing when he saw his daughter in her wedding gown was the sweetest thing ever! Ohmygod, I have no problem admitting that I started crying once they focused on him.

That wraps us up for this week.
Next week’s episode looks super fun and I can’t wait! So until then, I’m going to keep overeating on Easter candy and complaining about my day job. Womp. Womp.


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