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Total Divas Redux: “Indecent Exposure” & “The New Divas Champion”

I’ll be honest, I already miss Total Divas. The fact that a new episode isn’t airing Sunday breaks my heart. And the fact that it doesn’t even come back into our lives until July… oh no. Not with that ending, anyway. It’s been nearly a week since the finale aired, and oh boy. What a drama filled two hours we got to experience. Everything from naked selfies, to relationship woes, to contracts not being renewed, to “fucked up chicken”-looking cats.

Season three of Total Divas has been, by far, the best. The naked selfie accidentally sent to Brie and Nikki by their brother, JJ, was absolutely hilarious.

The twins got the text while hanging out with their cousins, which prompted Nikki to show it off while simultaneously being disturbed that her brother would send something like that to his wife, Lauren. Brie ended up telling JJ what Nikki had done, and he was absolutely livid. Unlike his two sisters, JJ is a little more body shy (not that he has a reason to be, because he is absolutely ripped) and it upset him to the point where he didn’t even want to be at the same family dinner as Nikki.

Nikki coerced Brie to go over to JJ and Lauren’s house with her, but JJ didn’t even want to let her in. Brie didn’t really give him a choice, but he still wasn’t receptive to Nikki’s “apology” of sorts. Brie decided to stand up for JJ in her own way, and posted something completely personal Nikki sent to John for Valentine’s Day when they first started to date. Nikki was horrified to find that on her Instagram, and Brie showed no remorse. Nikki accepted the retaliation but vowed revenge on her twin.

That being said, the two were more united than ever when it came time for the WWE to renew their contracts. They’re in the final stages of a three year deal, and during the season finale, Mark presented them with brand new, three year deals. Neither twin wanted to resign for three years; Brie wants to have a baby, and Nikki wants to explore other opportunities in the entertainment world. The contract would also take them extremely close to their 35th birthday (if memory serves me correctly), and that was a major turn­ off as well. They leaned on one another to make the decision, and leaned on Daniel Bryan and John Cena respectively. Both significant others were extremely supportive, with John telling Nikki that he has always seen the twins doing more than just wrestling. He knows they’re talented and destined for success outside of the WWE.

That seemed to cement the decision for Nikki, who flipped back and forth more than her sister. At the end of the finale, they told Mark they were ready to walk away from the company. Total cliffhanger, but at least us regular WWE watchers still get to see them in the ring… for now.

I personally think they have resigned, but not for a deal that long. Brie is definitely ready to be a mother and Nikki has a lot of side projects to keep her occupied. As much as I don’t want to see them go, they have more than do their time and both have left a lasting impression on the company. The Bellas started off as nothing but a gimmick, were regulated to glorified arm candy for various guest hosts, and busted their butts to get better in the ring. Both of them finally came into their own, formed their own identities, and established a brand that no doubt makes them top Divas. It’s no secret that they’re my favorites, and have been for a long time. Love those two.

Paige, the youngest Diva on the roster, had her own personal drama going on. She found herself in a FWB type of relationship with a guy named Bradley. Bradley seemed sweet, very into her, and wanted a relationship. Paige invited him along on a vacation to Key West with the three amigas, and things were extremely back and forth. Paige ended up telling Bradley he was nothing but a lay, and that was probably the wrong thing to say.

During a heart to heart with Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes, Paige opened herself up and talked about a past relationship that left her extremely damaged and broken. After some encouragement, Paige went downstairs to apologize to Bradley and open herself up to him, something she found incredibly hard to do, and they decided to give a real relationship a try.

Later on, Bradley went to see Paige perform at work, the first time he had done that, and afterwards Paige proposed the idea of them moving in together. Bradley was very hesitant to do that, and said he would like to for Paige to meet his family first before they take that kind of a step. She agrees.

They head to Bradley’s hometown, and Paige makes her presence felt buy simply being her loving self. Bradley’s mother and sister seem to like the English Diva well enough, and end up letting a huge secret of Bradley’s slip out. Apparently, he used to be married. Now, I’m all about someone having a past and having their own secrets, but when you seemingly crucify someone for not opening up to you, and come to find out, you haven’t opened up to them… I have a problem. Paige was understandably upset and wanted to talk about it, but Bradley completely shut down.

That didn’t settle well with Paige, who once again tried to give him the opportunity to talk about it. He wouldn’t. So she made the decision to leave. Fair enough, really. Judging from Bradley’s Instagram he has more than moved on and I’m assuming when the show returns in July, we will see how Paige has dealt with the aftermath of all of this.

Relationship drama was the deal with Eva Marie as well for the finale. She’s finally been given the go ahead to return to the road but while she was off, her husbandger, Jonathan, decided to keep her busy. During a photoshoot for her hair extension line, Eva got a call from Mark Carano who was concerned that she was going behind the WWE’s back with her photoshoots and endorsement deals.

We all know that everything the Divas and Superstars of the WWE do has to be passed through management first, and Jonathan wasn’t doing that. He was also being super controlling on set, which ended up being another problem. He made Eva’s makeup artist (the same girly who does the make­up for the other TDs as well) cry, and irritated everyone else. He was just very demanding. Eva finally had to tell him that she didn’t want him as her manager anymore, and it didn’t go over well. Jonathan accussed Eva of dropping one bomb on him after another (which is pretty true) and he ended up walking out.

Drama. Drama. Drama.

I loved season three. Like I already said, it’s been by far the best out of them all. The new cast is solid; I really hope season four doesn’t have any changes. I do miss Naomi, I have to say. Hopefully she will continue to be featured and maybe, MAYBE become a full time cast member again. We’ll see! July is a ways away.

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