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Total Divas Redux: “Model Behavior”

I hate to admit it, but I totally cried a little at TJ and Nattie‘s reunion on Total Divas despite the fact that Nattie is probably my least favorite diva of all time. She didn’t start off that way, of course, but the fact she hates all cats that aren’t Persians and thinks they’re ugly just really doesn’t settle well with me. Not to mention, this past Sunday, we found out she’s a dog hater as well. We all have our faults, I reckon, but she doesn’t seem like that great of a person, but to TJ, she is. And yes, even with my black heart towards her, I cried.

As I get older, I come to realize just how special certain relationship are and just how hard it is to move on. There truly are things in this life that are worth fighting for and Nattie and TJ both decided that their marriage was worth saving. The Canadian duo seem more united than ever, which led to Nattie encouraging TJ to try and find something other than wrestling to focus on. She told him to try modeling, which I wholeheartedly agree because he is so gorgeous.

Nattie and TJ went to meet with a photographer to get some test shots, then went and met with a modeling agency. TJ had a test shoot with two other models, hot female models, and that put Nattie in a rather uncomfortable position. To her credit, she didn’t interupt or interject, but you could clearly see how uneasy it made her. The female models were pretty provocative, and the shoot was kind of racy. Nattie ended up confessing to TJ how she felt towards the end, and he agreed with her. They had an adorable little moment and all was well with them.

Speaking of moments… Ariane‘s dad making dinner super awkward for a moment! But I am getting ahead of myself. We haven’t seen much of Vinnie this season, but that changed this past week. Ariane and Vinnie are getting to the point where marriage is a real thing, so they decided to introduce their families to one another with a fancy dinner at Villa Blanca in Los Angeles. Ariane revealed that her father was a born again Christian, who used to be addicted to crack. And the episode centered the fact that Ariane didn’t feel as if her dad’s lifestyle would fit in with that of Vinnie’s family. She didn’t want anyone to judge her father.

Ariane attempted to buy her father a suit that she felt suitable for the dinner, and also offered to get his teeth fixed. Unfortunately, Ariane’s father didn’t want the suit and they wouldn’t be able to get his teeth fixed in a week. So Ariane’s dad went just as he was, and the dinner went pretty well. Vinnie asked Ariane’s father for her hand in marriage and Dad took that as a proposal. He toasted the newly engaged couple over dinner, despite the fact they’re not engaged, but no one seemed to mind. After the awkward moment passed, everyone went back to having a good time and the two families seemed to mix really, really well.

As usual, Total Divas centers around three separate stories and Paige was the final piece of the puzzle this week. She wanted to get a massive tattoo honoring her mother (whom all of us know… hey Saraya!), but Mark Carano wasn’t able to gain permission for Paige to do that. The company itself didn’t feel as if it were time for Paige’s brand to change. That upset the young Diva, and she decided to go ahead with the chest piece she had designed anyway.

Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes tried to talk her out of it, knowing that Paige would basically be jeopardizing her job. But their pleas fell on deaf ears. Luckily for Paige, her friends had a back-up plan, and called in Nattie. Nattie, whom they called “Mama Diva” was able to talk to Paige in a way that wasn’t bossy or anything like that. She simply pointed out that if the tattoo was truly more important to Paige than her career, then she should absolutely go and get it.

They left while Paige stayed.

Needless to say, Paige didn’t go forward with the chest piece. She compromised with a tattoo on both thumbs that I assume was a replica of what she was going to get on her chest. On a side note, I love the placement of where she ended up getting inked and am seriously thinking of something similar for myself.

Tomorrow, the two-hour season finale airs and judging from the previews, it should be amazing. Until then!

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