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Total Divas Redux: ‘Red and Gold’


I would be absolutely insane for beginning this recap any other way. So like bear with me please. Hold on… I know. I know. Look. You people were given a break from me last week thanks to my absolutely asinine work schedule (don’t you love when 9am to 7pm turns into 8:15am to 8:45pm..). So you’re going to have to just excuse me for one minute…


O-M-G!!!! Cameron‘s better half reads our website and thanks to an article we posted, the two had mad tension on this week’s episode. Okay… LOVE IT!!!

In all seriousness, Cameron’s thirsty quest for paparazzi cameras was bound to get her in trouble sooner rather than later, but I absolutely adore the fact we kinda sorta had a little part in it.

And now I’m getting ahead of myself. Okay Cameron’s single “Bye Bye” has hit iTunes as you all know, and this eppy focused on her quest for attention leading up to her launch party in Los Angeles. Cameron and Vinnie started off by going to all the Hollywood hot spots in search of some photographers who might recognize them. To be honest, it was kind of painful to watch (not to mention the outrage I felt when they left baby Glitty in the car) and when all was said and done, the photos that were eventually taken were never posted thanks to a Kim Kardashian sighting.

Cameron was pressed and decided that she needed to step up her game, she enlisted in the help of an old family friend. That old family friend just happened to be Ray J, and their playful little workout at the gym definitely got them noticed. Sadly, Cameron failed to let her love in on this plan but thanks to us, Vinnie was clued in real quick. He confronted Cameron during a photoshoot over the article and pictures, but they never really resolved anything.

At Cameron’s launch party, the mood was pretty bittersweet. After talking to Eva Marie, Cameron realized that she did a pretty crappy thing and asked Vinnie for his forgiveness. He absolutely accepted her apology and it’s also cool to see how Cameron and Eva have moved on and past their issues.

Taking Cameron’s place on Eva’s hate list is none other than Summer Rae. The two girls who were fast becoming friends quickly became enemies thanks to Summer’s priority being Summer. Our fave guy Mark broke the news to Summer and Eva that they would be paired in a tag team and given a chance to compete on television. They quickly dubbed themselves “Red and Gold” and decided to get their act together with some extra in-ring training.

Eva was the first admit that she was incredibly inexperienced in terms of wrestling and Summer graciously stepped in to try and help her learn. Well Eva wasn’t retaining the information quickly enough for Summer so before their debut match together, Summer approached Mark with her concerns. She made sure to mention that she enjoyed her time teaming with Tamina Snuka on live events over the weekend and a last minute decision was made to let Tamina team with Summer and Eva against Natalya, Brie and Nikki Bella. During the match, Summer went out of her way to make sure Eva didn’t step foot inside that ring and it left a bad taste in the mouth of our favorite red head.

Queen Brie Mother Earth Bella caught up with Summer after the match to find out what had happened and basically Summer just said Eva sucked. Eva was venting to the girls, including Cameron and Tamina, about the match and Tamina, of all people, was the one who was keeping it real. Brie arrived and spilled the beans over what Summer had said and that led to a confrontation between the two.

Summer was left without a friend in the world backstage and Eva Marie was left feeling secure that the other girls had her back.

Tonight was a great episode and had two small side stories as well. The most important one touched on the injury Naomi suffered at the hands of Aksana (#deportAksana #justice4naomi). The sickeningly replayed the knee to Naomi’s eye several times, which was uncalled for, and Naomi got the opportunity to talk about the crunch sound it made. Personally I could have lived my entire life without hearing that description but regardless, it happened, and here we are. Us diva fans remember that night pretty well and it sucked watching it back. As Naomi said herself, she was on the fast track to becoming the next Diva’s Champion and Aksana killed that push.


So awful!

What I didn’t find that awful was Natalya’s love for art. We got to see another side of the third generation Diva this eppy when she painted two pictures; one for Nikki and John Cena and one for Queen Brie and the King, Daniel Bryan. Now, lets be honest. There is no single definition of art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has different taste. Neither Bella seemed impressed with Nattie’s work. The pictures weren’t that bad. The Daniel, Brie, and Josie one did come out better than the John and Nikki one in my opinion, though. Art is art, but I’ll admit that I was crying with laughter when the painting “strapped” to the car went flying off into the road.

Ohmygod that was amazing.

It was so amazing that it had to have hidden gem status this week. It was Nattie’s reaction that made it so good. She was flipping out and made a comment about the painting being in the road. It was brilliant. I loved it. Tyson Kidd was priceless during all of this and I loved how he just casually pointed out that it was because Nattie didn’t listen to him that all of this happened.

This week’s fourth hidden gem is brought to us by Daniel Bryan. After seeing his wedding gift from Nattie and thankfully after she walked away, Daniel declared that it appeared as if he had testicles on his nose. Is there ever a week that goes by that this guy doesn’t give us some type of amazing quote or moment?

Up at three this week are the training sessions between Summer Rae and Eva Marie. Now, for those that just watch Total Divas and not Raw or SmackDown, Summer Rae is pretty darn good inside that ring. She has had some amazing matches since coming to the main roster, and she hasn’t even had a chance to wrestle a lot on TV. The girl is good. Eva, unfortunately, hasn’t had the same amount of time to develop as Summer has had. Regardless of the motives behind the training session, the more people who work with Eva, the better she will get. She gets a lot of heat for not having any experience but that’s not her fault. At least she puts herself out there and tries, and freely admits that she is very, very green. I loved watching Summer work with Eva. It’s just sucks it was used to build tension between the two of them.

Our second hidden gem this week is the outrage on Twitter after Naomi was injured. Yes, it happened several months ago and for those of us that watched that injury happen live, we were pissed. Several amazing hashtags were born out of that, all in support of Naomi, and as well know, it’s because of that injury we never got to watch arguably the most athletic Diva in the WWE compete in a high profile match for the championship. No doubt that Naomi’s time will come sooner or later, but it definitely sucks that we didn’t get a chance to see her battle AJ Lee on the big stage.

Our winner this week for the best hidden gem involves Eva Marie and our favorite Total Divas star ever, Sandra. Eva was backstage with Sandra and she was wearing some new gear. Sandra wasn’t too thrilled with how small the bottom part of it was and made the comment that Eva Marie’s “Miss Lucy” was showing. Eva was amused and taunted Sandra, saying she wanted a piece of it. Sandra told her not to ever speak to her that way again and it was so funny. It was almost as funny as Nattie’s painting flying off the roof of that extremely small car.

Great episode. Looking forward to next week. Until then… xoxo!

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