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Total Divas Redux: “She Said She Said”


And apparently that popular saying of Mrs. Eva Marie‘s just screams “DRAMA” this season! Am I complaining about that? Absolutely not! But is Eva truly the villain here, or is she the victim? I’m torn, to be honest, because I absolutely adore the woman. She is so gorgeous and so outspoken without being apologetic. But at the same time, I don’t know if I believe she truly wants to be a wrestler. She could just be in it for fame!

I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care at the moment because we have got a lot to cover. This season is giving me so much tease to be the best one ever and Tuesday’s episode was no exception.

Hello…. Daniel Bryan masterbating in a cup anyone?

We had even more fallout from the Eva Marie situation. We had an almost catfight between Alicia Fox and Naomi. We had baby drama. We had family drama. The episode had it all.

This whole Eva Marie situation is just hilarious. Women are so damn bitchy! The person who decided to leak all the locker room talk to Eva is none other than our beloved Naomi, who always preaches about peace and not being the type to start mess. Well color me hypocritical because that’s exactly what Naomi did and when Foxy called her out on it, she tried to justify her actions. There’s no justifying being messy, Naomi. You were wrong.

But thank you. Thank you so much for doing what you did because it’s given us golden moments and we’re only two episodes in.

More heat between Fox and Naomi is promised for the remainder of the season and I’m excited. It’s even more amazing that they always seem to have their arguments in public settings.

Fox wasn’t involved with just Naomi this episode. She was placed in charge of helping bestie Paige find a gown for the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Call me crazy, but Alicia Fox’s style isn’t my cup of tea. In fact, back in April, I boldly declared that she was the worst dressed at the HOF ceremony. She’s the last person I would ask for fashion advice.


The stylist she had bring gowns over for Paige to try nailed it with the black lace number our favorite pale princess decided to go with. I suppose it’s fair to say that not all of Alicia’s ensembles are bad. I loved the flowered top and wide brimmed hat she was wearing during the a part of the episode. I’m just being overly sensitive thanks to flashbacks I’m having of the feathered whatever thing that was she decided to go with for HOF.

Paige wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of betraying her personal style in favor of the glam red carpet event. She is who she is, and that’s why her fans love her. She even had one girl emotionally break down outside of a shoe store because Paige being unafraid to be different gave her the courage to overcome her eating disorder.

Pretty cool.

As we all know and as Paige revealed during the episode, she shoved her feet into her trademark Doc Martens to go along with her gown. And honestly, she looked absolutely stunning at HOF. I loved her whole look.

Something else I would absolutely love is a Braniel baby and we were teased with the possibility during this episode. Brie Bella revealed to Nikki that she was late this month and both were excited over the possibility.

Unfortunately, Queen Brie was visited by Mother Nature and that caused her to question whether or not she and Daniel were even fertile. They decided to visit a fertility specialist to get tested, but unfortunately we will have to wait for the results of their tests; no doubt a major event for a future episode.

Natalya also had to deal with real life this episode. The WWE decided to give her father, the struggling with addiction Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, a chance to appear at WrestleMania week festivities as a WWE Legend. That’s a big deal and only a handful of legends are asked to appear each year. Nattie decided to take it upon herself to make sure her father, just out of treatment, behaved himself and didn’t fall back off the wagon.

It definitely wore her out.

She admitted as much during a dinner with Tyson Kidd, Bret Hart, and Bret’s gorgeous bride. Bret helped Nattie realize that her dad was the adult in the situation and that she could only do so much. He’s right in that respect, but sometimes it’s just hard to let go.

I loved this week’s episode. There were so many hidden gems in the episode that had me laughing out loud. It’s a must watch and hopefully everyone else out there in Divaland enjoyed it as well. Until next week!!!

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