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Total Divas Redux: ‘The House Sitters’

Those who know me know that I am a self professed cat lady, so obviously this Sunday’s episode of Total Divas has a special place in my heart. Natalya and her hubby lubby boo thang, Tyson Kidd, embarked on a trip to New York (which goes horribly wrong, but more on that later) which left Louis and Charlotte at home without a babysitter since Nattie’s parents were going to be out of town.

Cameron graciously stepped up to watch the little ones, and welp, it probably wasn’t the best idea. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Cameron took advantage of Nattie’s house (and her wardrobe), and threw a little get together for herself, Vinnie, and her friends in Tampa. Naomi and Jimmy Uso showed up, and they found themselves very unimpressed with Cam’s actions. Things get worse when it’s discovered that the front door has been left open and Nattie’s pride and joy, Louis, can’t be found.

A frantic search ensues for Louis, and gets briefly interrupted by Nattie’s neighbor, Michelle. Needless to say, Michelle doesn’t buy Cameron’s lies and calls Nattie to fill her in on what’s going on. Needless to say, it’s not pretty when the Canadian finds out her beloved cat is missing, and guess what? TJ’s reaction is even worse. Cameron fesses up to the party and to losing the cat, and Nattie is obviously looking to book the next flight home. That causes the search of the cat to intensify and luckily, Cameron finds him herself somewhere down the street and under a car.

Cameron comes to the realization that she was pretty wrong in using Nattie’s house for a little recreational fun, but that doesn’t mean she kicks everyone out. Oh no. They end up toasting to Louis’ safe return and all of us come to realization that Cameron never needs to babysit again, ever.

News of Louis’ return reaches Nattie and TJ, and that sends shockwaves of relief through the both of them, but that doesn’t stop the tension from running high. The two of them spent the majority of the episode fighting over money and how they spend it. Nattie got an opportunity to be featured in Flex Magazine, and because of that she got to go to New York to do publicity for it. She saw that as a chance to have a nice little getaway with TJ, but he had other plans. He decided to invite his sister, Valerie, along for the ride much to the disgust of his wife.?

Nattie and TJ argued more than once, but their biggest blow up came when Valerie revealed that TJ had given her money to invest in a bouncy castle that she could rent out and make money. Now lets be honest. Valerie is based in Calgary. How much money can she truly make by renting out a bouncy castle in Canada? Regardless, Nattie storms out and goes to her signing alone. Once she makes it back to the hotel, the news of Louis missing devastating her, her and TJ get into it again over everything. They end up coming to an agreement that when it comes to money, they don’t need to hide what they spend it on from each other. This coming from TJ’s frustrations over Nattie buying her parents a car without talking to him about it first.

Probably the best thing about Sunday’s episode is the fact it touched on an issue that doesn’t get the type of publicity it should. Animal cruelty is an extremely serious issue, and one that I take pretty seriously. Unfortunately, I don’t take it serious enough. Brie Bella jumped on her sister, Nikki, when they were grocery shopping in San Diego. Nikki went to purchase some packages of chicken and Brie brought up the fact that it was factory raised poultry and that Nikki didn’t need to eat it.

Later on in the episode, Brie showed Nikki a video of animals that are raised in factories being hung alive, punched, and abused. It was pretty disgusting to be honest. That opened Nikki’s eyes and we were given a chance to find out what “free range” means. A trip to a farm showed how poultry should be raised and all of us got a lesson that taught us we should be more aware of what goes into our bodies.

I love the fact this was brought up and it’s definitely making me watch what type of products I buy from now. I don’t want to be a hypocrite that preaches about saving animals and then eats factory animals that have been raised in absolutely disgusting conditions. It’s not right. I already use vegan cosmetics and products that haven’t been tested on animals, so why not just add that into my diet as well? It’s a healthier life and not just for the animals, but for me too.

Definitely a good episode, so if you haven’t already watched, make sure you check it out. The hidden gems of the episode are pretty good indicators as to why you should watch as well! Counting down like always and coming in at number five this week is TJ throwing all kinds of shade at Vinnie for his part in the cat debacle. Not only did TJ mention that people would never find Vinnie’s body if they failed to find Louis, but he also told Vinnie that it would be a shame if he got trapped inside their massaging chair. And here we thought Daniel Bryan was our king of shade!

Up next at number four is the way the episode touched on animal cruelty in factories. They definitely nailed home an important point but what they failed to mention is that cruelty and abuse also goes on inside of homes. Right after we see Brie and Nikki frolicking around on a free range with healthy chickens, we cut to Vinnie who is using Natalya’s cat as a dust mop. Totally not cool, dude. This week’s number three hidden gem sticks with the Tampa crowd and involves our beloved Jimmy Uso. He just shouts out “HAS ANYONE SEEN NATTIE’S PUSSY?” loud and proud in front of a group of people and just gets greeted with more silence than a Heath Slater victory on Monday Night Raw.


Our runner-up for hidden gem of the week goes to the members of TJ and Nattie’s family. Deluxe spa treatments. Brand new cars. Bouncy castles. It pays to be someone they love in more ways than one. I wish my family was that generous towards me. Just sayin’…

And lets be honest, was there really anything else that could be number one this week? At the beginning of the episode, Sandra was backstage with Naomi, Alicia Fox, and Cameron. They were trying to teach Sandra how to twerk and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life.

We have one honorable mention this week and it goes to barely seen Summer Rae. She had to point out that Nattie was being featured in a fitness magazine for men. Ouch.

And that’s it for this week. Next week it seems like we are getting an epic Bella versus Bella showdown in the midst of the Braniel wedding planning. Stay tuned!

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