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Tough Enough Taping at FCW Spoilers

The Tough Enough cast filmed some bonus scenes last night at FCW. Check out the spoilers below:

The remaining contestants, including Christina, took part in exhibition matches in the FCW ring with Bill DeMott. Booker T was on commentary.


The first exhibition match featured Bill Demott and Christina. They exchange side head lock take downs and then Christina got a near fall on Demott. She gave Demott an arm drag and drop kick. Christina went up top and went for a cross body press but Demott caught her and then put her down. Then Demott shook Christina’s hand and they were done.

Based on the ending of this week’s episode of Tough Enough, I was surprised to see Christina come out for the first exhibition. Of the three exhibition matches with Bill Demott, the crowd gave the best reaction to Andy. The second best reaction was given to Christina, with Luke getting the worst reaction of the three who wrestled with Bill Demott. It felt like Jeremiah got a better reaction than Luke.

I thought Andy looked the best in the ring of the four finalists. Christina surprised me with her performance and I thought she did a better job than Luke. Jeremiah looked okay with Orlov but he was a little awkward when he came off the top turnbuckle. (Source: PWInsider)

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