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Tough Enough’s Christina Says Sister Alicia Fox Inspired Her to Become WWE Diva

Tough Enough contestant Christina Crawford spoke to Florida college UCF’s newspaper this past weekend talking about her current run on the reality show and her dream to follow in the footsteps of sister and current Diva, Alicia Fox.

She says:

“I would love love love to win that title one day,” Crawford, a senior interpersonal organization communication major, said. “But it would be the best if I could take it from my sister.”

Ever since her sister was hired with the WWE, Crawford wanted to follow in her footsteps. She said the show is a once in a lifetime opportunity that she can’t pass up.

“What started my dream of working with the WWE was when my sister got hired, but I was too young at the time to apply,” Crawford said. “My dream was to go to school and then I would try out for the WWE.”

Crawford, 22, is excited that she might get the chance to work with her sister.

“She is on the main roster and I haven’t gotten the chance to work with her yet,” Crawford said. “But we do hang out together and it’s great moral support.”

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