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Toxic Attraction Stays On Top Of The NXT Women’s Division

Toxic Attraction stays dominating the NXT 2.0 Women’s Division as all three members walk out of In Your House retaining their titles.

On Saturday, NXT had their latest premium live event and the NXT Women’s Tag Team TItles were in reach for Katana Chance & Kayden Carter. They challenged Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne who are in their second reign as champs.

Chance & Carter came pretty close to winning their first gold after they delivered the tandem neck breaker followed by the 360 splash combination. Carter attempted the pin on Dolin but Jayne pulled her out of the ring from her cover.

Moments later, Jayne hit Carter with a right hand before Dolin executed a German Suplex to get the pin and retain their titles.

The night would continue to go in the favor of Toxic Attraction as Mandy Rose retained her title against Wendy Choo. Rose had to dodge the antics of Choo throughout the match and perhaps it got the best of her when she ripped apart her pillow. Choo would take Rose down to the match with a sleeper but was unable to get her to pass out. Rose would make it to the ropes to cause the breaks.

After Choo tried to go up top, Rose pulled her back down and hit her with a high knee to get the pin and retain her championship.

With Toxic Attractionr retaining their belts, they feel untouchable according to their Digital Exclusive. They feel that there is no other competition left to challenge them.

There was a segment during the broadcast where Tatum Paxley and Lash Legend exchanged some words. Behind them were Sloane Jacobs, Erica Yan, and Brooklyn Barlow. They had just got finished watching a promo for Alba Fyre. As Legend was mocking the promo for Fyre, Paxley asked when she would step up for a match against Fyre.

Legend didn’t seem interested in tussling with Fyre so it would be Paxley that would step up to her. Paxley vs. Fyre is set for this Tuesday’s episode of NXT 2.0.

This upcoming episode of NXT 2.0 will also feature the finals of the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament. It will be Tiffany Stratton taking on Roxanne Perez. The two had a backstage interview that can be seen below.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for further news and results from the women of NXT 2.0.

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