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Tribute to the Troops Redux (December 14th, 2016): Jingle Bayls!

I wasn’t able to cover RAW, but don’t you fret guys, I’m here this week covering the WWE’s 14th annual Tribute To The Troops event! This feel-good holiday time show has always been a light showcase for the women, so let’s see what was on offer this year!

First off, making her return to the WWE television was Lilian Garcia. This was her first appearance since leaving in August earlier this Summer. She sang the American national anthem to kick off the show, sorry Jojo but Lilian is still the original songstress!

Backstage, Bayley is seen playing backstage with Charlie the dog from The Today Show. She’s interrupted by Charlotte and Dana Brooke, who start to belittle Bayley. After a couple of ‘dog’ themed threats and puns, Dana warns that Bayley better be ready before their match!

So onto the match… which lasts about 3 minutes. Dana dominates for the first 2 minutes. When Bayley gains some steam, Charlotte saves Dana by pulling her out the ring, Bayley throws Dana into Charlotte, then throws her back in the ring and hits the Bayley-to-belly for the finish. Looks like the Bayley VS Charlotte/Dana storyline continues on!

Thoughts: Can’t say much really, since this was a nice little showing for the troops that we usually get at Christmas time. With RAW covering this show, Road Block literally around the corner and about 5 active girls on the roster, they couldn’t do much.

It’s just crazy to think that a couple years ago, we would usually get a really awkward ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ throwaway tag match. Sure this wasn’t an amazing match, but with so few active women around on RAW they couldn’t do much. We have had a couple battle royals at these events over the last few years, which were fun, but I guess with our current RAW roster that would be too difficult since. It was very nice to see Lilian back on WWE TV, Dana looked good and Bayley got the feel good win… can’t really complain but can’t really praise too much either!

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