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Trick or Treat! Going Halloween Costume Shopping: Part 2

Happy Halloween! We’re continuing our yearly tradition of dreaming up Halloween costumes for the year’s most notable Divas and Knockouts. We’ll be mixing Knockouts and Divas together in three posts leading up to the big day. But before you see this year’s picks, be sure to catch up on the past 4 years of this feature (can you believe this is the 5th year we’ve done this?):

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Check out part 1 of this year’s feature by clicking here.

All caught up? Let’s get started!

Alicia Fox
Costume: Walter White/Heisenberg from “Breaking Bad”.
Why?: It’s been well documented on this site that Alicia’s having a bit of an identity crisis: is she a heel or a face? “Breaking Bad”‘s Walter White has a similar inner tumult going on, too: should he do what’s best for his family, or seek power and wealth as meth kingpin Heisenberg? Clearly, Alicia’s problem isn’t as serious, but sometimes we wonder..
Get the look: A bald cap, facial hair, wire-rim glasses, button-down shirt, khakis and a Heisenberg-esque black Pork Pie hat will do you well. Switch the eyeglasses with a pair of dark sunglasses if you’re looking to intimidate tough customers.


Beth Phoenix
Costume: Michonne from “The Walking Dead”.
Why?: A deadly loner surviving the zombie apocalypse: doesn’t that sound like a role Beth Phoenix was born to play? We’d love to see Beth Phoenix hidden underneath a hood, wielding a katana and dragging along two zombie-fied WWE Superstars on chains.
Get the look: A simple look would be the one she first appeared in: a ragged tan coat with a large hood, travel-worn clothing underneath and a (preferably prop) katana. Bonus points if you can chain two friends along to play zombies.


Costume: Honey Boo Boo from “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”.
Why?: This year’s undisputed queen of reality TV is Honey Boo Boo Child from TLC’s “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”. The former “Toddlers & Tiaras” standout’s trash-tastic life has been displayed in all its glory on the show, and she has become a pop culture phenomenon in the process. Kaitlyn’s already dressed as one reality show star for Halloween (Dog the Bounty Hunter), so a Honey Boo Boo costume is inevitable. Clearly, she’s got the spunk to pull it off.
Get the look: It depends on what look you’re going for: casual or pageant. For maximum recognizability, we suggest a pageant look. Something like this would be perfect. Just don’t forget the attitude–people better redneckognize!


Madison Rayne
Costume: A Weeping Angel from “Doctor Who”.
Why?: As one of the top heel Knockouts in TNA, Madison is well practiced at attacking her enemies when their backs are turned. The “Weeping Angel” Doctor Who aliens, who appear to be innocuous angel statues, come to life and attack their victims when they’re not looking at them. So, if you turn away or blink, you’re dead. The same could be said for Madison’s opponents, though we’d substitute “hit with a loaded glove” for “dead”. She may be a “killer Queen”, but not that killer.
Get the look: This will be a DIY project–try following a how-to guide like this one. Make sure you’re good at holding still, too.


Costume: The evil Queen Regina from “Once Upon a Time”.
Why?: Natalya’s been suggested for an evil Queen before, but this one’s a bit darker. The villain from ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” dresses in all black and curses countless fairy tale characters all at once. That’s one powerful Queen. Granted, Natalya’s never been the most evil heel out there, but with that laugh, who else do you expect us to choose for a villain?
Get the look: Here’s a pretty good guide for getting you dressed like royalty.


Costume: A fish.
Why?: ODB’s husband and co-Knockouts Tag Team Champion Eric Young seems to be too busy hosting a fishing show (Animal Planet’s “Off the Hook: Extreme Catches”) to be by his wife’s side. Since she’s feeling neglected, maybe ODB can “reel in” his attention by dressing as his favorite animal: a fish! There’s no way he’d be able to ignore her in that costume.
Get the look: You could make your own costume fairly easily or, if you’re feeling less creative, buy one (clown fish or zombie fish?)


Check back tomorrow for part 3!

Got any Diva or Knockout costume ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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