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Trinity Wins IMPACT Debut, Will Face Gisele Shaw At Under Siege

This week’s IMPACT featured Trinity‘s in-ring debut against KiLynn King.

Around the second-hour mark, Trinity and King went head to head in a physical battle that received “this is awesome” chants. Trinity was able to showcase her flashy offense, but the towering King constantly had a reversal up her sleeve.

On top of that, Taylor Wilde interfered a few times at ringside until the ref caught her and sent her to the back. But after a crossbody and blockbuster off the top, Trinity was able to plant King into the mat face-first to apply her signature Starstruck submission for the victory.

After the bout, Jai Vidal came out and confronted Trinity following a backstage segment they had prior to the match. Vidal announced that Gisele Shaw will answer Trinity’s open contract at Under Siege. Vidal then went to slap Trinity, but she stopped him and delivered a kick to send him packing.

Additionally, Jody Threat competed against Sierra in an unadvertised bout. As usual, Threat dominated most of the short encounter before picking up the pinfall win with the F-416.

Jordynne Grace had a backstage interview that was interrupted by Alisha Edwards.

Jessicka was shown still waiting for Rosemary with her hourglass when The Coven walked up and tried mocking her.

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