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Triple H Addresses Chyna’s WWE Hall of Fame Status on Stone Cold Podcast

Last night on a live edition of The Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network, Stone Cold Steve Austin asked WWE COO Triple H a question that many fans have been wondering for years: will Chyna ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

While conceding that former Intercontinental Champion “absolutely” deserves to go in, Triple H says it would be a “difficult choice” due to her history with porn. He says his eight year old daughter, for example, could Google Chyna’s name and find evidence of her adult work.

Triple H doesn’t rule out the possibility, but seems to fall back on porn as the reason for not inducting her, as he says that there is “no beef” on his side in regard to their tumultuous history.

Read the transcript below, courtesy of PWInsider:

HHH said that’s one of those questions that gets asked a lot: does she deserve to go in? He said, “Absolutely.” He said it’s a little bit of a double sided-edge. She transcended and changed the business and did what no woman had ever done before. He said “all the other stuff that happened, there is no beef on this side.” He said she absolutely should go in, but there’s another aspect. He said he has an eight year old kid and she goes to the Hall and she thinks, “I’ve never heard of Chyna” and punches her up on the Internet and “there’s all this stuff.” HHH said he’s not criticizing anybody or lifestyle choices, but just the fact of what it is, it’s a difficult choice.

You can view the full podcast on the WWE Network.

UPDATE: Chyna has responded to the speculation on Twitter, revealing that she would absolutely accept a Hall of Fame induction and that she has contacted WWE in the past, but has never heard back.

Do you think Chyna’s porn should affect her WWE Hall of Fame eligibility?

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