Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Trish Adora makes history by winning the first-ever intergender Iron Match

Trish Adora made history over the weekend as she participated in the first-ever intergender Iron Match. With a 60-minute time limit, Adora successfully defeated Tony Deppen who had issued the challenge. The match can be viewed on YouTube for free below (the match starts at about the 15-minute mark). The match was brought together by Pro Wrestling Illustrated and Beyond Wrestling.

In a grueling match, it took over 51-minutes before a fall was made. Adora hit the Lariat Tubman to get the first fall. This was after a fierce back and forth between both competitors with relentless punches and kicks.

With about six minutes left in the match, Deppen almost obtains his first fall after a brainbuster connected. He then viciously slams the knee of Adora into the mat over and over again until he receives his first fall as a submission making it a tie at 1-1.

Less than a minute lef tin the match and Deppen connects to a knee in the head of Adora as she is tied up in the ropes. He goes up top and hits the double stomp off the turnbuckle and connects and goes for the pin. Adora kicks out at two.

Adora hits a backbreaker and locks a submission in on Deppen. He attempts to roll out of it but ends up in a crucifix pin and with three seconds left on the clock, Adora gets the win by a 2-1 result.

After the match, Deppen gives a huge endorsement for Adora. He says he doesn’t care about intergender wrestling because she is just as good as every single guy he has been in the ring with. He then shakes her hand and says he is sure he will be seeing a lot more of her and that she should be proud of what she has done.

Adora has also made it over 365-days as the Pan Afrikan World Diaspora Champion. As previously reported, Adora will be facing IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo this Saturday, Feb. 20 at Global Syndicate Wrestling’s debut show Inception.

What did you think of this match? Adora is definitely one to look out for as she is making huge waves on the independent scene.

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