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Trish Rumored for 2012 WWE Hall of Fame

7-time Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus has been linked to next year’s WWE Hall of Fame, according to the Wrestling Observer.

The Observer reports that WrestleMania 28 will likely emanate from Toronto, Canada — Trish’s hometown — thus making her one of the discussed names for the Class of 2012.

Of course, Trish’s career with WWE came to an end in her hometown back in September 2006.

Thoughts: While it may seem early for Trish to be inducted, for the stars to align (‘Mania in Toronto) like this, I would agree that it makes sense for Trish to be inducted. The other name rumored at the moment for next year’s class is The Rock. Of course, it should be stressed that these names are just being discussed within WWE, no formal negotiations have taken place and no decisions have been made at this point.

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