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Trish Stratus Discusses Video Game & Working with Beth Phoenix


The legendary Trish Stratus made a huge announcement last week — her own video game. ‘Stratusphere’, a yoga-based fitness game will be available exclusively on the Wii next year. Talking about it for the first time, Trish dishes in this interview with Gamedibs.com. Highlights below:

On whether she will be used as a ‘character’ in the game, she says her game will be using state of the art video capturing and software for a ‘real life’ feel:

We are taking a completely different and totally new and innovative approach for the video rendering of my likeness that is going to guide you through the sequences. We wanted to be able to give the players, or ‘students’ an experience that is as close to a real life experience as possible, as if they were in my studio. The type of video capturing and rendering that we are going to use will make that interaction truly feel ‘real’ and to my knowledge, this type of presentation has never been done on the Wii platform.

Using motion captured video and never before included Wii peripherals, I am looking to give the players the most comprehensive and thorough workout that has ever been attempted on the Wii. With this state-of–the-art video capturing, being able to select and customize your routines along with a custom branded yoga experience that only Stratusphere can provide, players will feel like they are literally in my studio with me getting their sweat on … or getting their Zen on – whichever they choose!

Switching briefly to her comeback last Monday as the guest host of Raw, Trish addresses working with Beth Phoenix:

… as far as Beth Phoenix goes – we seem to keep finding ourselves fighting each other, interestingly enough whenever the WWE comes to Toronto (in December 2007 I was in the main event in a tag team match with John Cena versus Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella). I definitely feel we have great chemistry in the ring and frankly I quite enjoyed delivering Stratusfaction to her!

There’s no denying they have great chemistry, one day maybe we’ll get a full-blown match. Though if I had a choice, I’d rather see Trish vs Natalya as I’ve mentioned several times in the past. Trish, as Canada’s ‘chosen Diva’ versus Natalya who almost has the ‘right to the throne’ given her family lineage.

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