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Trish Stratus Tops WWE.com’s ‘Most Impactful Women’ List

In honour of Women’s History Month, WWE.com has unveiled the 25 Divas they believe to be the ‘Most Impactful Women’ in WWE history and perhaps of little surprise, a certain 7-time Women’s Champion tops the list. Trish Stratus beats competition such as The Fabulous Moolah, Sable and Lita to take the crown.

The list is as follows:

1) Trish Stratus
2) The Fabulous Moolah
3) Chyna
4) Sensational Sherri
5) Stephanie McMahon
6) Sable
7) Mickie James
8 ) Lita
9) Sunny
10) Michelle McCool
11) Wendi Richter
12) Mae Young
13) Alundra Blayze
14) Melina
15) Miss Elizabeth
16) Luna Vachon
17) Beth Phoenix
18) Stacy Keibler
19) Molly Holly
20) Vickie Guerrero
21) Jacqueline
22) Kelly Kelly
23) Ivory
24) Bull Nakano
25) Torrie Wilson

Read all the descriptions by clicking here.

Obviously a list of this nature will be subject to opinion. Personally, I wonder if Stacy Keibler was really more impactful than a Molly Holly or Torrie Wilson who were around at the same time as her. Of the several current girls on the list, I’m a little surprised that Michelle McCool is so high in comparison to Melina or Beth Phoenix. I know Lita’s avid fans may not be pleased with her being listed one behind Mickie James. I was [pleasantly] taken aback at Chyna placing so high, I guess WWE is thawing when it comes to her? Good for her!

Also, WWE has obviously left off the current TNA Knockouts Champion, Tara aka Victoria. That move is more strategic in not promoting TNA rather than a personal slight towards Tara, I’d assume. It is the nature of the business unfortunately and I’m see once Tara’s TNA career ends, whenever that may be, WWE will once again embrace her down the line.

As for the #1 spot, it’s become customary for Trish to take the lead and while I can’t argue with her place in history, I’d like to see things mixed up one of these days. Perhaps Moolah as #1.

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