Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Uh Oh, Mickie James Injured

They are dropping like flies! I think Michelle McCool put a hex on Raw’s women’s division coz girlfriend ain’t got her Divas Championship title shot yet, one week after Melina went down to a fractured heel, Mickie James injured (as I suspected) her shoulder at Night of Champions. Poor Mickie worked last night’s Raw with a bruised and strained shoulder. I think she injured her shoulder when she went into the ring post, because I said in the live blog as it happened, her scream sounded pretty darn real to me. Thankfully, Mickie’s shoulder wasn’t seperated as WWE officials first had feared.

Hopefully Mickie’s shoulder heals up soon, because Raw can’t afford to lose it’s last remaining face Diva! Me thinks this is even more reason to introduce Layla as a face! Get well soon Mickie!

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