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Unwrapped: Eye Candy for the Week Ending November 28th 2009

We’ve modified our Unwrapped feature a bit. On top of our grading, we’ll give you the chance to give your own grade to each photoshoot, “branding” each like so:

Sweet (Great)Bland (Iffy)Sour (Awful)

Beth Phoenix‘s Green-Skinned Monster
Grade: Sweet. I love it when Beth goes for a really bold color for her ring gear, and this shiny green is perfect. The gold phoenixes go with it perfectly, too. Beth looks so regal with her poses, especially the ones where she hangs her little drapery like wings. She just looks so statuesque, and if there was ever any Diva that looked like she was carved from stone, it’s the Glamazon.
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Brie & Nikki Bella‘s The Skins
Grade: Bland. This is more or less your typical “sexy sport jersey” photoshoot, just doubled. I like the laces at the side of the jerseys and how Brie and Nikki showed some diversity by wearing different types of bottoms, but overall this photoshoot isn’t much more than an ad for some local bar’s NFL night. If Nikki and Brie insist on doing photoshoots together, I’d prefer them to not be so damn cliche.
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Read more to see the rest of this week’s photoshoots.

Natalya‘s Shadowed
Grade: Sweet. The lighting on this photoshoot sells it completely. The sunset-like red, orange, and purple hues play perfectly against Natalya’s cute plum-colored wardrobe, and the overwhelming shadows bring a bit of intimacy to the shoot. Her poses–a mix of serious, cheery, and seductive–are nicely versatile and show her range when it comes to posing. Natalya really is breaking out of her box a bit (the fact that she’s not wearing her hot pink ring gear is unique in itself), and she looks absolutely gorgeous in all her shadowy glory.
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Be sure to grade each photoshoot, vote for your favorite below, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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NOTE ON TNA PHOTOSHOOTS – I tend to only cover photoshoots with a decent amount of photos. So if TNA has a new shoot with Tara, but there’s only 3 photos, I’m going to skip it. No hard feelings. But if you see any new, sizable TNA shoots feel free to drop us a tweet and let us know–it’s tough to keep track of their new stuff!

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